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Classification and use of tank truck Jan 03, 2018

Tank truck is the transport vehicle body takes a pot, for carrying liquids, liquefied gas and powdered goods, these goods including gasoline, crude oil, viscous oil, vegetable oil, ammonia, alcohol, water, all kinds of acid and alkali liquid, lead oxide powder cement tanker, plays a very important role in transportation, ca. accounted for 18% of the total freight.

The tank truck can be divided into two categories: railway transportation tank truck and highway transportation tank truck.
The railway tanker can be divided into light oil tanker, sticky oil tank car, acid base tank car, liquefied gas tank car and powdery cargo tanker according to its use.
According to the structure characteristics can be divided into air bag and air bag tanker, there are bottom frame and no bottom tank car, up and down dump tank and so on.
The road transportation tank car can be divided into oil tank car, steam tank car, liquid tank car, powder tank car, cement mixing tank car, tanker car and so on.