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Common sense that needs attention when driving dump truck Jan 08, 2018

Common sense that needs attention when driving dump truck

Due to the harsh operating environment of the dump truck, and generally heavy vehicles, every step of the operation needs to be taken care of in order to avoid accidents caused by man-made accidents caused by the vehicle and the driver injury.

1. Most of the dump truck powered by diesel engine, after the start should idle for a while, until the water temperature rose to 45 ℃ start.

2. Before starting look at the car lift switch or lever is in the open position, while observing the road is clear and issued a driving signal to a gear start. And then from the rearview mirror or cab rear window to determine no abnormalities after the bucket, before changing for the second gear, third gear into normal operation.

3. Driving should be based on changes in the road promptly select the appropriate gear to prevent the engine overloaded for a long time running, but also through the degree of body sway and changes in engine sound to determine whether the abnormalities of the car and the material.

4. Dump truck loading should be controlled within the rated amount. As often driving at the construction site, sometimes poor road conditions, overload will make steel, beams, axles and other components premature damage, but also because of increased vehicle inertia, braking performance decline and cause accidents.

5. Dump trucks are often used for short-distance construction and transportation day and night, so the number of reversing more. For this reason, reversing the best staffing command, the driver should also be selected reversing position, so as to avoid collision or endanger the safety of others.

6. The car is prohibited to bring people or mixed cargo and passenger vehicles, driving are not allowed to get off or carry out lubrication adjustment work. If the car is damaged, loose materials can not be shipped to prevent the spill on the way

7. Only in the dumper stop and brake to be allowed to charge. During loading, raised bucket or bucket must not be crossed over the dumper cab to ensure personal safety. Rewind action should be gentle and steady, and as close to the car. Avoid savage loading, so as not to smash the car. When loading more than 1 ton of boulders, hoist with a crane, and pay attention to uniform placement, if necessary, plus a fixed, so as to avoid stones or roll rolling partial rollover.

8. Shipping cement mortar and other dilute material, should be based on the degree of road formation to determine the level of loading, generally not more than rated 4/5, in case of overhearing accident occurred when the dump.

9. Unloading, the driver should watch from the rear window, if the car rises, the side of the wheel sinking and body tilting phenomenon, you should immediately fall car, shift and then unloading.

10. Dumping in the ramp, the dump truck should head down, parked on the slope, and under the command of someone before they can lift the front refill, ban on the side slope to discharge, to prevent rollovers.

11. Back to the pit ditch should be set safety stops. Dump truck from the stop at 10m deceleration, and slow down to stop at the stop, then lift the dump. If the shipment of viscous materials, easy to adhere to the bucket and difficult to pour the net, it should be manually assisted to eradicate, are not allowed to use hard braking inertia to dump the material in order to avoid accidents, after work every day after the water will bucket wall Adhesion washed clean.

12. Discharge should pay attention to whether there is above the transmission line, if the car can not rise with the transmission line to maintain a sufficient safe distance, the driver the right to refuse to work and report to the higher level. In the Lan-Xin Railway double-track project, a Yellow Dump Truck unloading, the car rose accidentally wiped 10KV high-voltage line, the driver immediately electrocuted.

13. If the way due to uneven road to the direction of failure, or side of the steel plate and the body is tilted, can not be forced to continue driving should be someone directed or emergency repairs before they can restart.

14. Dump Truck involved water section, low-speed gear to travel a distance, and light step on the brake to eliminate brake drum water (winter may also be thin ice), to prevent the friction plate slips and lose system Mobility, and affect traffic safety.

15. Dump truck arranged in columns when traveling, with the former car to maintain the spacing of about 10m, ice and snow pavement should be appropriately increased.

16. Temporary parking gear lever can be placed in neutral, brake at the same time. If the temporary parking time is longer, you should turn off the flame, so as to avoid wasting fuel and exacerbating wear parts. Parking to choose the right place, do not stop on the ramp. After returning to work, the car should be parked on a dry ground. In winter, if the wheel and ground are frozen, it should be shovel-pumped and then driven. It is prohibited to forcibly start to prevent damage to the machine.

17. Dump truck on board the ferry, should first check whether the brake is sensitive and reliable. Because after the transition, it is often necessary to reverse the car and go ashore. At this time, many people are mixed with vehicles. If the conductor mismanages or the brakes fail, safety accidents are easy to occur.

18. Dump Truck often work in the construction site or sidewalk, so the speed is slower, the driver labor intensity is also large. High summer temperatures, noon should rest for a while, so as to avoid excessive heat and reduce ergonomics, increase fuel consumption, aggravate mechanical wear and tear, drivers are also prone to fatigue and accidents. In case of water tank "boil", do not immediately open the water tank cover, add cooling water. However, single-cylinder diesel powered dump truck, the tank is open structure, when the water does not have to boil immediately after the water can be water down, the red buoy dropped to the water tank mouth plus water.

19. Driving at night, the dump truck lighting must be complete and good, pay attention to the construction signal or other warning signs on the way, if necessary, parking view, identify the situation go. When we had a car traveling at night in a water conservancy site, we accidentally dropped into the river pond. Although the driver was rescued, the dump truck failed to catch up. To this end, the night should correctly determine the road, the specific method is as follows:

Moonlit: Off-white pavement, white reflective puddles.

Moonless: dark gray for the pavement, white water.

Snow night: rut for white or gray-black.

But also according to the engine sound and light emission to correctly select the timing of the shift, the general engine sound relaxed is downhill, variable weight is uphill, the light suddenly goes downhill, according to the recent uphill, driving lights in the road Side is a slow bend, suddenly see the road in front of it is a sharp bend. In addition, in the sand pavement can not be followed immediately in front of the car, so as to avoid the dust caused by the loss of lighting exposure, causing the driver blurred vision and an accident.

20. Muddy, should be based on the extent of scum, low-speed or medium-speed gear, try to go according to the existing rut, avoid shifting or parking on the way, do not impatiently hit the brake pedal. If the vehicle has skidding, you should relax the accelerator pedal, turn the steering wheel to the side of the skid, make the car body right and then turn back to the steering wheel before proceeding. In case of wheel slip should be back and then forward, if still slippery turn off, shovel to the wheel under the mud or pad into the sand, wood, straw and other objects and then start. If still slippery should support the rear wheels to pave the way, if necessary, find another tractor or tractor to help pull out. Skidding should not be rigid or repeated advancing, backwards, so as not to fall deeper and deeper wheels and hard to extricate themselves. When meeting a car, if both vehicles are traveling in the same rut, they should be prepared well in advance to drive to the side of the road at the rutting width. They should be allowed to let themselves off but not too close to prevent the vehicle from slipping or tipping over. In addition, for vehicles with front drive, the front jacking is also helpful for getting out of the muddy or sloughing roads.

21. Driving in rainy weather to reduce speed, on the way to strengthen the observation of vehicles and pedestrians, if necessary, open the headlight near light. It is best not to headlight high beam, to prevent the dazzling light curtain and affect the line of sight and judgment. Try to avoid driving near the curb, not in the riverbank or embankment stay, so as not to cause vehicle slippery. When crossing the ridge, rock cliff or working cross section, be vigilant to prevent the safety of people and vehicles from falling down or rock falling.

In addition, the company purchased the dump truck from Heli, the company has provided a complete manual and video discs, new users need to be familiar with the user manual before operating the vehicle.