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Common sense to open a dump truck Jan 04, 2018

Common sense to open a dump truck

Due to the bad working environment and heavy load vehicles, every step operation of the dump truck needs attention, so as to avoid all kinds of safety accidents caused by human factors and cause damage to vehicles and drivers.

1, most of the dump trucks are powered by diesel engines. After launching, the dump trucks should first be turned for a while, then the water temperature rises to 45 degrees C and then starts.

2, first checked the bucket lift switch or lever is in the open position before the start, while observing the road is smooth and a driving signal to a block start. From the rearview mirror or cab rear view to determine the bucket is not abnormal, can change two block, three block the normal running.

3, should select the appropriate gear changes according to road driving, avoid engine overload for a long time, should be to determine whether there is abnormal situation and the material hopper through the body swing degree and the engine sound changes.

4, the loading of dump trucks should be controlled within the rated capacity. Due to the frequent driving on the construction site, sometimes the road condition is very poor. If overloading will cause premature damage to the steel plate, girder, axle and other components, it will also cause accidents due to the increase of vehicle inertia and the decrease of braking performance.

5, the dump truck often day and night for short distance transport construction, thus reversing the number. Therefore, the best hand command reversing, the driver should choose good reverse position, to avoid a collision or endanger the safety of others.

6, is strictly prohibited inside the bucket with or mixed, running no one off or lubrication adjustment work. Hopper if damaged, can not be shipped loose material, to prevent the way shed

7, only in the truck stop and brake, allowed to charge. When charging, the bucket bucket rises or not in the truck cab over the top, to ensure the safety of personnel. The pouring action should be soft and smooth, and as close as possible to the hopper. Avoid savage loading, to avoid loading 1 smashed hopper. Tons of stone, with a crane lifting, and pay attention to the uniform placement, when necessary, plus a fixed offset or rolling stones, so as not to cause a rollover.

8, when loading dilute materials such as cement and mortar, the load should be determined according to the degree of road leveling, generally not exceeding the rated 4/5, so as to prevent overturning accidents through uneven sections.

9, when unloading, the driver should watch the rear window, if the bucket rises, while the wheel sinkage and the occurrence of the phenomenon of body roll, immediately falling hopper, and then remove the shift.

10, when unloading the ramp, the dump truck should head down and parked along the slope, and under the command of someone, the dump can be raised, and the unloading is prohibited on the cross slope to prevent the turning from the car.

11, to the pit trench edge material, should set up a safety block. The dump truck from the block at 10m speed, and to stop, stop, rise again. If the shipment dumping hopper viscous material, easy adhesion in the bucket to down the net, should be assisted to eradicate, no worry the inertia brake material, in order to avoid accident, every day after work in a timely manner to the water bucket wall adhesion washed clean.

12, the discharge should pay attention to whether there is a transmission line through the above, if the bucket rises and transmission line cannot keep a safe distance from the driver, have the right to refuse to work and report to superior. In Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Line Project in the Yellow River, a car dumper unloading, the bucket rises and accidentally rub 10KV high voltage line. The driver immediately electrocuted.

13, on the way, if the road is out of order, the direction is out of order, or the side plate is broken, and the car body is tilted, it cannot be forced to continue driving. It should be restarted after someone is in command or emergency repair.

14, the dump truck through sections of water, to use a low gear driving distance, and to eliminate the brake drum brake light in the water (winter may have, in order to prevent ice) and lose the braking ability because of friction slipping, and affect the safety of driving.

15, tipper tandem driving, with the car to keep a distance about 10m, ice road should also be increased properly.

16 temporary parking, the transmission lever in neutral, at the same time. If the temporary parking brake for a long 

time, it should be stalled, in order to avoid the waste of fuel and increase of mechanical wear. To choose the appropriate parking place, don't stop on the ramp. Knock back should be parked the car in the dry ground, winter Ji Ruo took the wheel and the ground freezing conditions should, after driving shovel loose soil, is forced off, to prevent damage to the machine.

17, when the dump truck goes over the ferry, it should check whether the brakes are sensitive or reliable. Because of the frequent reversing of cars after the transition, there are many cars and lots of people. If the command is not proper or the brakes fail, accidents will happen easily.

18, the dump truck often in the construction site or sidewalk operations, and slower speed, the labor intensity of the driver is also large. Summer air temperature is high, should have a rest at noon, so as to avoid the machine temperature and reduce efficiency, increase fuel consumption, increased mechanical wear, the driver fatigue and prone to accidents. If the tank "boil", not can immediately open the tank cover, adding cooling water. But the dump truck with a single cylinder diesel engine powered, the water tank is an open structure, when the boiling water will not immediately add water, water can be decreased, then add water to the tank mouth red buoy.

19, night driving, truck lighting must be complete and good way, pay attention to the construction of signal or other warning signs, when necessary to stop viewing the situation. We have identified another car in the water conservancy construction site at night, accidentally fell into the pond, although the driver was rescued, but the car failed to dump up. Therefore, the night should be right determine the conditions, specific methods are as follows:

A moonlit night: white pavement, white light for water.

No moonlight: dark gray for the road, white water.

The snow is white or black night: the rut.

Can also be based on the correct choice of variable timing engine sound and light to shoot, the general engine sound easier is downhill, uphill is heavy, the lights suddenly become far downhill, as nearly is uphill, one side driving lights in the road is biased slow bends, suddenly in front can not see the road surface is sharp. In addition, in the sand pavement can not be followed before the car running, to avoid the dust lost the light irradiation, resulting in the driver's line of sight fuzzy and accidents.

20, through the mud, according to the degree of frost, the low or middle speed gear driving, according to the existing walking track, way to avoid the shift or stop, not anxious to step on the brake pedal. If the vehicle sideslip, should loosen the accelerator pedal, the steering wheel is turned to the side of the car body side, right after the reversal of direction disk, can continue to move forward. If the wheel slip is about to go back, if still slipping is flameout, shovel wheel pad into the mud or sand, wood, straw and other things after the start. If still should be a rear wheel skidding way, when necessary to find another tractors to help out avoid slipping. Hard driving or repeated forward, backwards, lest the wheel bogged down and unable to extricate themselves. During the meeting, the two sides if the vehicle in the same rut, should be prepared in advance, in the track width to the side of the road, to get out of the way, but not too close to the edge, to prevent the car A slump or tipping. In addition, the front drive car, hanging up boosting gear also helps out muddy or frothing.

21, driving rain to reduce speed, on the way to strengthen the observation of vehicles and pedestrians, when necessary. It is best not to open near light headlamp headlight beam, to prevent glare screen and influence the line of sight and judgment. Try to avoid near the road, or stay in the river embankment can not, in order to avoid causing the vehicle through the ridge slippery. The rocky, or work section to be vigilant to prevent the collapse of the road or rolling rocks and endanger the safety of people and vehicles.

In addition, the company has provided complete manuals and video discs when purchasing dump trucks from Heli company. New users need to know their manuals before they can operate vehicles.