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Heavy truck fuel-efficient ten tactics Jan 02, 2018

1. Sharpening cut firewood workers, planning and then on the road

Hurry to go out, the results appear on the road this kind of situation, not as ready before departure. Vehicle inspection done in advance, according to traffic information to choose the shortest and most reasonable route. So you can not go the costly mistakes, less walking will save money.

2. As soon as possible out of the way smooth, good fuel economy

Many young card-lovers like to sleep late, until the sun only three when it rubs up and hurry. This time there are many more people on the road, in order to hurry, the road Meng throttle, Meng brakes, it is very fuel-efficient. Proposed to get up as soon as possible, the road is relatively smooth, but also pleasant driving, pleasant fuel-efficient.

3. When the throttle brake, fuel-efficient running speed

"Brakes more, but it splashed oil on the ground" has been the motto of many high-oil-price era. Xi'an bus driver Yang Xinqing master is the "fuel economy king" of urban buses in China, and he can save up to 530 liters of fuel a month more than other drivers. He uses the "predictive driving law." - According to the speed of the road in front of the speed control, the throttle when the brake to make, meet the traffic lights to slow down in advance, the road where the complexity of a little bit to the oil. Speed is too fast or too slow, will lead to an increase in fuel consumption, the current most trucks, 60KM to 80KM is the most fuel-efficient speed.

4. Car often "downsizing" enough fuel on the line

Truck Mercedes-Benz on the road, will inevitably accumulate dust and dirt everywhere, often removed, in time for the truck "weight", not only can reduce the "overweight" risk, but also can effectively save fuel. Tanks and water enough to stay on the line, no need to drag a few people's weight running around.

5. "Warm car" should not be long, slow are speed

When the weather is cold, many of the card friends will be on the "warm-up", but the warm-up time is too long, and that can be and his wallet go away, Xiaobian suggested that in fact, the car can be made after a slow and steady driving a car Two kilometers, and out of the mileage, the effect of preheating has also reached the best of both worlds.

Car check, the problem quickly fixed

After stopping the car, many pairs of vehicles were inspected and found that there are problems in the site, to be promptly repaired. Engine is the heart of the vehicle, it is necessary to "take care" of it in order to achieve fuel-efficient effect. Maintenance must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance mileage, often on the air filter and other parts of the inspection and maintenance, to make the car more fuel-efficient.

7. Tire pressure according to the standard, modified to be reasonable

The tire pressure is too high or too low will increase fuel consumption, it should be regularly checked tire pressure, inflated, according to tire standard pressure raised 5% to 10%. Hope that the vehicle running faster, more climbing performance point, and some drivers may modify the vehicle, in the conversion, we must consult professionals, so that all parts of the vehicle parameters to achieve reasonable, otherwise, not only the car is not safe , But also increase fuel consumption.

8. stopped for a long time stopped the engine, driving the road less change line

The fuel consumed by the engine for three minutes of idling can be used to drive a vehicle for one kilometer, and queuing can be considered when queuing, traffic jams, or parking for more than a minute. When traveling as far as possible not change lanes, to maintain a straight average speed.

9. refueling time, petrol station to be reliable

Most items have the "thermal expansion and contraction" feature, the same oil. Refueling time can choose in the morning or evening when the temperature is low, not only can add a little bit more fuel, after a period of precipitation, the oil is relatively pure. Try to choose a regular gas station to refuel, roadside gas station is not the amount of oil is poor.

10. Uphill throttle light, fuel-efficient start from the engine speed

Truck engine speed and fuel consumption are directly linked to each engine has its economic speed, low high may result in increased fuel consumption, usually driving more time trying to run at different speeds to find the most economical speed. Some drivers like to step on the throttle in the end, thinking that uphill so energetic. In fact, this is wrong, high speed is not necessarily the engine will be more powerful, fuel consumption is bound to increase exponentially, the best way is to climb the engine speed in the economy. Of course, each car has its own unique features, we need to go through a long period of exploration to master it.