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How to operate the mixer truck Jan 02, 2018

First, before starting, every part of the mechanical system should be carefully checked, and the good rear can be started.
Two, before starting, the stirring joystick should be placed in the "empty" position.
Three, after starting, the stirring joystick should be placed in the "unloading" position, and the water in the tube should be put away.
Four. When loading, the stirring rod should be placed in the "loading" position.
Five. Before transportation, the unloading tank must be fixed in the "driving" position to prevent the swinging.
Six. When operating the joystick, it should stay in the "empty" position and move to the next position.
Seven, to do a good job of civilized construction, the excess material in the bucket is not allowed to be randomly thrown down. After unloading, it is necessary to clean the parts, such as the mixing cylinder, the material groove, the roller and so on.
Eight, enter the cylinder clearance concrete caking, the vehicle should be turn off, unplug the switch key, peripheral monitoring tube.
The mixer truck is a special vehicle, and not all drivers can drive the mixer. If the operation is not proper, it will cause overturning, hydraulic pump, motor, speed reducer wear and even serious consequences. So we should deal with it as follows:
1. before starting the mixer, the mixer handle handle should be placed in the "stop" position.
When the

2. mixer starts the engine, the mixing cylinder should be rotated at low speed for about 10 minutes, so that the hydraulic oil temperature can be raised to more than 20 degrees C.
When the

3. mixer is suspended in the open air, the mixing tube should be reversed before loading, and the water and sundries will be discharged to ensure the quality of the concrete.
4.when transporting the concrete, the mixer truck must ensure that the sliding bucket is placed firmly, so as to prevent the swing caused by looseness, and to hurt pedestrians in the process or to affect other vehicles' normal operation.
5. shipment ready mixed concrete mixer, mixing drum rotating speed of 2-10 rpm, in the transport process, on the flat surface to ensure mixing drum rotational speed in 2-3 rpm, driving on the roll slope more than 50 Road, or large sloshing around the road, should stop stirring rotation to be improved after the road rotary stirring recovery.
6. the time of transporting concrete for concrete mixer can not exceed the time stipulated in the mixing station. In the course of transporting concrete, the mixer can not stop for a long time in order to prevent the segregation of concrete. The driver should always observe the concrete conditions, and notice the abnormal timely notification of the dispatching room and apply for processing.
When concrete is installed.

7. mixer car, the time of stagnation at the site shall not exceed 1 hours, and the person in charge should be promptly dealt with in time.

8. mixer transport concrete slump shall not be less than 8cm. From the concrete into the tank to the discharge, the temperature should not exceed 2 hours must be discharged, when the weather is low, it must not exceed 2.5 hours.
9.Before the mixer is discharged from the concrete, the mixer should be rotated for 1 minutes at the speed of 10-12 / sub, and then discharge.
10. concrete mixer discharge is completed, immediately with water hose with the vehicle will feed inlet, a hopper and a discharge chute and other parts clean and wash the platoon to bond in the body around the dirt and residual concrete, and then to the mixing cylinder injection of 150-200L in the water, on the way back to the mixing drum slowly rotating. To clean the wall to avoid residual slag attached to the tube wall and the stirring blade, and again before the water off loading.
11. transport concrete concrete mixer, the engine speed at 1000-1400 rpm range, the engine maximum torque, in the transport process of concrete, the speed should not exceed 40km/h, to ensure traffic safety.
After the 12. mixer is finished, the inner and body of the mixer should be cleaned and the remaining concrete can not be left in the cylinder.
When the 13. mixer works in the water pump, no empty rotation is prohibited. It should not exceed 15 minutes for continuous use.
14. water tank of concrete mixing truck to keep full, for a rainy day, the winter should be shut down, water tank, water pump, water pipes, mixing barrel of water on the net, and parked in Chaoyang, where water, to avoid freezing machine.
15., in the winter, the mixer truck should install the thermal insulation sleeve in time, and use the antifreeze to protect the mixer truck, and change the fuel label according to the weather changes, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
16. when the hydraulic transmission part of the mixer is checked and repaired, the engine and the hydraulic pump should be carried out without pressure.
17., when adjusting the clearance, stroke and pressure of each part of concrete mixer, the full-time safety inspector should check and agree. When changing the machine parts, it must be signed by the minister or the manager. Otherwise, it will be held accountable if the problem arises. [1]
water tank
It is very dangerous to overheat the engine, and the bad luck may destroy the engine. When driving on a freeway or climbing a car, if the pointer of the thermometer enters the red area, or keeps vibrating in the red area, urgent measures must be taken.
If the engine is overheated on the common road, it should reduce the speed as fast as possible, drive the car to the shade or drive to a relatively cool place, and stop the car. Open the hood of the engine, let the engine run at idle speed, and wait for the temperature of the engine to be gradually restored to normal. When the water temperature of the engine is restored to normal, the engine will be extinguished. Then wait for a period of time until the engine's water temperature is fully lowered, and then the cooling water of the engine is checked. At this time, the cooling water of the engine is largely inadequate. After the cooling water is made up according to the specified amount, check the cooling. System, confirm that there are no other faults, the engine can be started and continue to drive.
If the engine is overheated on the freeway, it is necessary to open all the warm air and open the window immediately.