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How can the semi trailer backup skills be in place Jan 05, 2018

How can the semi trailer backup skills be in place

Semitrailer reversing is in the opposite direction, the driver who has just come into contact with semitrailer needs to adapt for a period of time. When reversing, master the position and direction of the vehicle, check the reversing mirror. If the trailer is longer. Or with complex terrain and limited vision, it is best to have a person in charge of the command under the car, so it will be easier to operate.

Mastering basic methods and understanding reversing skills

Adjust the front and body before reversing, try to keep the front and trailer straight, or tilt the front to the side of the target parking space, and then follow the basic approach: turn the steering wheel clockwise when turning left upside down. Turn to the right counterclockwise steering wheel. Take care not to kill the direction, semi-trailer is reversed while correcting. If a turn over, it is best to move forward to get off, and then back back.

Focus on keeping a calm state of mind

Knowing the basic method, the rest is practice, but we must pay attention to the following points.

1, no matter whether we go forward or backward, we must see clearly the surrounding situation. We can help people command if we have limited vision. But we must keep the commanders in the field of vision and keep the distance between people and cars. We must not go after Comrade Lei Feng.

2, to maintain a good attitude, no matter what the situation will be calm. A few words to come, but never mind, even if someone urged whistle don't worry, the driver is with others will understand.

3, we must observe carefully and slow down when reversing. Even if the old driver is skilled, don't take it lightly. Because there are many accidents that happen every year.