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How dangerous static electricity is Jan 08, 2018

When it comes to refueling, we all know that smoking and talking on the phone are dangerous behaviors. But in the cold, dry winter, there's a dangerous "guy" that's easy to ignore, and that's static electricity everywhere! There are accidents that happen when static electricity occurs around us.

Some people have done experiments, 100% silk will not produce static electricity, and cotton clothes will not be static. But nowadays clothes most are compound composition, acrylic, polyester, artificial silk and other materials, easy to start static electricity.

Gas station static elimination equipment gas station electrostatic elimination equipment

At present, many self-service tankers have set up anti-static equipment. The driver can remove static electricity by pressing it.

Small static so powerful, kang powder, please pay attention, when to get off, can touch your car keys or other metal first, will carry the body static moment release effectively, b: close the door when we won't have to feel.

It is worth mentioning that the refueling information on the already grounded metal keyboard can further release static electricity.

In addition to using the above methods to eliminate static electricity, two points should be noted:

1: after the removal of static electricity, you must not use your hands to pull your clothes, or the static electricity will reappear.

2: never return to the car when refueling. Since the static electricity has been released before refueling, if you return to the car during refueling, you may be able to absorb static electricity again.