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Safety lifting operation specification for dump truck Jan 09, 2018

Safety lifting operation specification for dump truck

In order to maximize the performance of the fuel tank and ensure the safety of the dump truck, be sure to comply with the following dump truck lifting practices.

1. The top lift dump cylinder can only be used as a lifting device, not as a support structure;

2. Lifting state, the cylinder exposed to damp air time not more than 30 minutes;

3. In the carriage completely back to the throne, please control valve handle in the "down" position for about 30 seconds;

4. Dump truck lifting operation Do not use the emergency brake for unloading, otherwise it will seriously damage vehicles, hydraulic cylinders or other hydraulic components;

5. Do not use when reversing the gear shift, power take off, reverse rotation of the pump easily lead to pump, oil seal damage;

6. The engine speed is too high will cause insufficient oil supply, damage to the hydraulic pump and cylinder;

7. Dump truck lift operation should be disabled hydraulic system, please take off power take off;

8. In the car body load or other unusual circumstances, do not lift the cylinder;

9. Lifting heavy car, do not drop the car;

10. When the control valve handle in the "down" position, do not drive the vehicle.

These are dump truck lifting practices, riders have to remember