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Teach you how to identify the retread tires Dec 28, 2017

The tire is the only contact point between the car and the ground, which is related to the life safety of the passenger. And some illegal merchants to make profits, recycle old tires and resell them. Consumers hate it and talk about "retrofitting". When shopping for tires, what do you need to know to distinguish between the original tire and the retread?

It will take almost no time to refurbish a tyre. The merchants put the recycled tyres back in a fixed position, a good position, a pull of the white tape, and a new dent was created. Then the side lines are carved out of the grinding machine and then polished and marked. A "new tire" is done.

This kind of tyre is very harmful. After the tire becomes thinner, the pressure resistance and wear-resisting performance will be significantly reduced. If the weight is high speed, it is very easy to have a puncture accident.

The refurbishment has the right knowledge that can be used safely

In the cost of the tire, 70% is the fetal body, and the worn tread. So if you can handle it well, it can be very cost-effective to retrofit the tires.

Regular tyre refurbishment is a formal tyre renovation with national standards and is mandatory for national standards

Regular tire renovation is a mandatory national standard, it must reach a certain strength, can travel to a certain range, and through the national testing agencies strict testing to licensing the production, sale, but also have to three packs. What is commonly referred to as "refurbished tyres" has a vast majority of them not in this category, more than the words, more than the shelf life and even the composition of the flowers.

For some large engineering cars, making a tire may require a ton of rubber, while retrofitting a tire requires only a third of the rubber, which can greatly save costs. But because the process is more complex, seldom appear in the retail market, even when met, the price is not much cheaper than brand-new tire.

You will be able to identify a refurbished tire

In fact, it is easy to distinguish between the refurbished tyres (which are not included in the retread).

We can first judge by color and gloss, the old tires are generally dull and rough. Some businesses look for a wax on the surface in order to fake it, which leaves fingerprints on the tire, but not the new tires.

In addition, according to the method of the first video of the article, the tread will be uneven and uneven in the tyre. For example, the pattern of the tire in the picture is obviously made by hand hook, which is very uneven. In this case, it must be a retrofit.

The professional is to identify the tire by the signs on the tire. There are a number of bumps on the car's tires, showing the type and performance of the tires, which are the breakthrough points for identifying the tyres. General renovation of tire marks are to go up after renovation, and the symbol of new tires is and the tires, identification method is to use the fingernails scratching at these signs, general renovation tire of these signs are not very tight, can pick off must be refurbished tyres.

0610 indicates that the production date is the 6th week of 2010 and the production date is the 6th week of 2010

If the marks are intact, then the production dates can be seen. For example, 0610 indicates that the production date is the 6th week of 2010. The quality and performance of the products can be judged according to the duration of storage.

Although there are regular production of refurbished tyres, we don't usually get them. So you have to polish your eyes when you buy a tire. The difference between the work of these inferior tyres and the new ones is quite obvious, so you should keep an eye on them. Never pay to buy back a safety hazard!