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Three key points for maintenance of bulk cement tanker Jan 08, 2018

Three key points for maintenance of bulk cement tanker

1.Replacement of antifreeze

After cooling, the owner should timely check the engine cooling system, pay attention to whether the replacement of antifreeze, because in the summer many owners love to replace the antifreeze with tap water, but if the temperature dropped, tap water is not so good as antifreeze, cooling and circulation in terms of liquidity may not reach the requirements, so we should pay attention to the replacement.

The main performance of antifreeze is reflected in the following aspects: first, the antifreeze can prevent the corrosion of metal parts of the automobile engine cooling system, it will be for the protection of these parts. Secondly, the freezing point of antifreeze is relatively low, generally at minus 20 degrees Celsius, far below the water's freezing point, so when the temperature is not low because of ice and affect the normal work of the cooling system.

The general situation of antifreeze is 100 thousand kilometre replacement, one year to check the freezing point of antifreeze within the standard range, to avoid such a failure.

It is especially important to note that when buying antifreeze, we must choose the brand suitable for the engine, and resolutely not use the fake and shoddy antifreeze liquid and different brands of mixed antifreeze.

2. proper tire pressure

The experienced card driver can release a little tire pressure when driving in summer, so as to prevent the high temperature and the risk of tire bursts. When the temperature falls in the autumn, tire pressure will be added to maintain the required pressure range.

Autumn, rain and frost, the wet road tire friction coefficient also requires to maintain enough, if the surface of the tire wear, to timely replacement of fetal, repeatedly repaired tire also try to change. When the weather is cold brittle and hard rubber tires, lower friction coefficient, easy to leak. Rolling tires, even new tire replacement, but also often to tire surface pattern of debris to clean up, check whether there are scratches, swelling and so on.

3. replacement of oil

The engine oil was dubbed the "blood", which shows its importance. The oil is divided into ordinary oil and general oil two, general oil can in the cold winter, can also be used in the hot summer. And do not distinguish between ordinary oil to be used in the winter and summer oil, if the winter summer oil, oil will become very viscous in cold conditions, will start a resistance, which is not easy to start, the engine speed decreased after the start. So the owners in autumn and winter should be timely the oil inside the bottom shell and the air compressor oil for special oil in winter, it can ensure the quality of lubrication, and can protect the engine.

Then how will we choose oil? First, oil is not as expensive as possible, the owners should be strictly in accordance with their own special oil models < automotive manual > requirements with the car brand; secondly, according to the oil viscosity with "W" classification, 0W, 5W, 10W and so on, the lower the number, the more dilute the oil that is suitable for autumn and winter use.