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Tractor semi-trailer reversing skills Dec 28, 2017

How to reverse the semi-trailer

Semi-trailer reversing is the opposite direction, just contact the semi-trailer drivers need to adapt to a period of time. In reversing the time to master the location and direction of the vehicle, view the car mirror. If the trailer is longer, or on-site complex terrain, limited vision, it is best to have a person under the command of the car, this operation will be a little easier.

1. Before leaving the car must be good to check it again, especially brakes and clutches, brake oil pressure and tank water to be well checked, but the tire is also very important.

2. When driving at high speed, if the middle of parking, remember to get off when to check the next tire.

3. In the driving time must see behind the car there is no overtaking to change the car, because the semi-trailer long, variable lane is not easy, as far as possible in the traffic lane on the line, if you want to change lanes and then To change lanes, so you can save fuel but also the car.

4. Must pay attention to safety, do not speeding, do not be overweight, do not be fatigued driving, if there is sleepy, and then stop the rest or both for a change.

5. Regardless of forward or backward reversing time, no matter what the situation encountered must not be anxious and panic, this is not conducive to driving.

Tractor semi-trailer reversing skills

Open the trailer is to pay attention to professional, here for you riders to sum up the semi-trailer reversing skills:

1. When reversing the semi-trailer, the direction of rotation of the steering wheel is reverse to that of the bicycle reversing.

2. Bending road conditions, reduce speed.

3. Left curved road, the semi-linked out of the front of the tractor.

4. Right curved road, the rear of the semi-trailer close to the road center line.

5. Back in the back when reversing do not rush, be sure to observe the mirror, looking for a good sense of distance and sense of direction.

Master the basics to learn tips on reversing

Before reversing to adjust the front and body, try to keep the front and the trailer straight, or the front of the car to the side of the target parking spaces, and then follow the basic method of operation: To the left when down clockwise to hit the steering wheel, counterclockwise to the right steering wheel. Be careful not to kill a direction, the semi-trailer is also modified by the side of the reversing. If you can not turn around, it is best to lift the car forward, then back down again.

Focus on keeping calm

Know the basic method, the rest is to practice, but usually must pay attention to the following points:

1. Regardless of whether the tube forward or backward reversing, we must see clearly the situation around the limited vision can help people command, but try to command officers in the field of vision, to maintain the distance between people and vehicles, do not follow Lu Lei Feng.

2. To maintain a good attitude, no matter what the situation should be calm. If you do not come here, it does not matter if you have more than a few, even if someone urges the whistle to be in no hurry.

3. Reversing must be observed carefully, slow down, even if the old driver technology and then do not be too skillful. Because reversing the accident occurred every year a lot, do not let the effect of harm themselves and others.