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What are the advantages of the U type dump truck Jan 10, 2018

What are the advantages of the U type dump truck

1. Unloading is cleaner

U-shaped box corner is not dead, not easy to stick when unloading, unloading more clean.

2. Light weight

Our original dump truck container is reinforced by thickening steel to enhance the strength of the U-box through the structural optimization, to reduce the weight. Now the most common U-type dump are made of high strength plates, under the premise of ensuring the strength of the car body, the thickness of the plate is reduced by about 20%, and the dead weight of the car is reduced by 1 ton, which effectively improves the load factor.

3. Bearing capacity

The use of high strength steel, high yield strength, impact resistance and fatigue resistance better. For the transport of ore users, can reduce the head of the mine damage to the container.

4. Low center of gravity

U-shaped structure of the lower center of gravity, so more smooth driving, especially in cornering, to avoid the goods spilled.

5. Provincial tires

U-type cargo containers can keep the goods centered on both sides of the tire force is more uniform, which will help improve tire life.