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What questions should you pay attention to during the snowfall? Jan 09, 2018

Check the braking performance and plan the route reasonably.

The braking distance will become longer, and the braking condition of the vehicle must be clearly understood before leaving the vehicle. In addition, to deal with snow day travel, to understand the thickness of snow and the impact of driving.

Also avoid dark and damp places, such as overpasses, tunnel openings, etc.

Don't overdo it.

Please do not refill at the speed of acceleration, because the tire speed is rotated, and the adhesion of the ground is reduced, and it is easy to slip. If there is a sliding phenomenon in the beginning of the vehicle, the accelerator should be collected immediately and the direction will be adjusted so that the vehicle can drive in the right direction.

Don't change lanes frequently.

Don't change your ways too often. When must overtake also should keep enough safety distance with the passed, and also do not have to rush to return to the original after overtaking on the road, but with the car after enough distance between again return to the original way.

Remember the skid chain.

Anti-skid chain is widely used, many goods vehicles and cars in winter have installed anti-skid chains. After the vehicle is installed with anti-skid chain, it can increase the friction between the tire and the snow and ice surface and the dark ice surface, making the driving more stable. It is important to note that the anti-slip chain should be removed in time after passing through the snow and ice road, otherwise the damage to the tire will be great.

Pay attention to the downhill and use the engine brake.

It is necessary to pay attention to the downhill slope in the snowy day. When going uphill, keep a distance from the front car. Do not stop and stop. Try to climb the slope at a time. You must keep a double distance from the front car.

When going downhill, maintain proper traction. In the snow and ice road and downhill braking, avoid the emergency brake, if necessary, use the good engine brake, prevent the emergency braking to produce side slip.

In order to drive safely, be sure to click on the picture to learn more about the brake guide of dongfeng cummins ISZ engine.

Avoid rushing the steering wheel.

Snow can cause snow to freeze on the road or muddy roads, causing a drop in grip. If you are running on the side of the vehicle, immediately release the throttle. Do not slam on the brakes, which will likely cause skidding. If the side slip has been produced, release the brake immediately so that the steering wheel can regain control of the vehicle.

Slow steering, when turning, also need to decelerate first, appropriately increase turning radius and slow the steering wheel, the operation of the steering wheel should be smooth and slow, otherwise, it will also occur side slip, so that the rear end of the car will be thrown out.

The driving mentality must be good.

When driving in the winter snow day, you should not panic, and the calm state of mind is one of the factors that make you safe from danger.