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What to pay attention to when buying a heavy truck Jan 03, 2018

When considering heavy truck purchase, we must consider five aspects:

1. Heavy truck operating environment and truck deployment planning. Prior to purchase, you must first clearly select the type and specification of heavy truck, cargo, loose groceries, ore, liquid cargo or chemical products and dangerous goods, whether the truck need to be reinforced lashing and shelter additional equipment, and so on. After considering that the above conditions should be fully considered, we may consider the standard of maintenance fee, the limit of static turning force, the code of road transport vehicles and general regulations, the number of vehicle axles, the volume of bucket and the load.

2. Must consider the fuel consumption of heavy truck. Under normal circumstances, fuel consumption costs equivalent to l1% of heavy truck transport fuel consumption, with the current high oil price volatility, fuel costs in heavy truck transport costs continue to grow, has reached or even exceeded 30%. Therefore, reducing and controlling the fuel consumption of truck engines has always been a routine agenda that trucking companies and car owners have to consider. In choosing a new car, it pays much attention to whether the fuel consumption of heavy truck engines is normal from the beginning. Apparently, Play a multiplier effect.

3. Consider the performance of heavy truck, such as truck model, width, height, car production materials, manufacturers, sales records, return warranty, engine model, performance, power and manufacturer, and so on.

4. At the time of purchase, the parties must seriously consider the humane safety conditions of heavy trucks from the perspective of relevant laws and regulations, including heavy truck performance related to occupational safety and health conditions, such as heavy truck cab windshield vision, Both sides of the mirror, steering wheel, clutch, lights, lights and laws and regulations require a variety of equipment and facilities to achieve safety and reliability standards; driver's seat, seat belts, airbags and vehicle traction accessories must be safe and applicable. Vehicle collision avoidance system and the driver fatigue warning system must be improved, speed and brake devices must be qualified, the mechanical noise inside and outside the cab in line with international standards, and related mechanical parts quality standards, with replacement warranty certificate, etc .;

5. At the time of purchase, be sure to double-check the color, color, model and inside and outside appearance including cab decoration, driver's seat and co-driver seat style and fabric quality. Because clean, tidy, comfortable, well-equipped equipment and good exterior and interior heavy truck internal and external appearance can help trucking companies or owners to beautify the company's image so as to attract more business and enable truck drivers to improve their self-esteem and ease their work. to make.

What to pay attention to when buying a heavy truck

1, Appearance: Whether to interfere with the phenomenon of touch (pipe line exterior parts, etc.).

2, interior: whether the vehicle interior bumps, the most important instrument and guard.

3, the functional items: engine power, speed, idle, gearbox change and meshing start with no abnormal sound, stalls and configuration with or without water leakage, leakage phenomenon.

4, electrical: lights with or without abnormal (steering brake reversing signs small light gated high beam low beam, etc.). Indoor instrument with or without abnormal work.

5, road test: when the road test emergency brake with or without exception. Mileage can run to how much, fuel consumption phenomenon, clutch and throttle back phenomenon.