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Why do you burn more urea? See if your car has these problems. Jan 10, 2018

Now, due to the national policy for environmental protection is more and more strictly the three car out slowly, the four car production, the five car popularization, basic SCR system, diesel additives as SCR system - vehicle demand of urea liquid blowout, automotive urea liquid also if you have the leisure to discuss topics, automotive "boring" "consumption" is the most cyclists discussion. Today, I talked with you about the cause of the burning of urea. After all, it is money, money and money.

In fact, when we want to understand this question, we have to ask three questions:

1.How much is consumed?

2. When will you consume urea?

3. What is the reason for the burning of urea solution?

Let's analyze this:

1.Consumption is a lot of consumption.

First question: let's look at how much urea is consumed, and a lot of car friends report feeling burned. It's too expensive!

In fact, the amount of urea consumption is also standard, for example, when the vehicle consumption of China's four vehicles is 100L diesel, it will consume 3~5L of urea, and 5~8L of the vehicle in China.

Flow diagram of urea solution for vehicle with urea solution.

2. When will you consume urea?

Second question: when will you consume urea?

Here we need to know the working principle of the post-processing system after the tail gas from engine exhaust, after row of temperature sensor temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, will feedback to ECU signal, the ECU will command the urea pump starts to work, to build the pressure accumulator, when pressure up to standard, urea nozzle will begin to work.

Jet under the environment of high temperature will break down into ammonia and urea after water with tail gas to the catalytic reactions inside the box, the ammonia and nitrogen oxides in tail gas reaction of water and nitrogen the post-processing work completed, the nitrogen oxygen sensor detect exhaust will increase the injection amount of urea is not up to standard.

Working schematic diagram of post-processing system.

3. The reason for the burning of urea solution.

Knowing the above two problems, we know the approximate range of the amount of urea consumed by the five cars in China. In any case, urea is consumed.

If there is a car with a lot more urea consumption than the amount of urea consumption, what is the reason for it?

The first one: when the nitrogen oxygen sensor detects that the vehicle's exhaust gas is not up to standard, it will spray more urea.

Nozzle, the second: urea urea nozzle welding on the pipe installation is oblique, urea spray out and discharge waste gas in the direction of the Angle, can't completely mixed, spray on the wall of urea crystallization and reduce NOX conversion efficiency;

Third: the problem of urea pump, the internal failure of urea pump can lead to the failure of building pressure, or the gas-assisted urea pump is more likely to cause more urea.

Fourth: exhaust temperature sensor signal will be passed on to the computer board in 180 degrees, can let the nozzle begin to injection of urea, if the temperature sensor failure, has the injection of urea did not reach a temperature of 180 degrees, it will cause more urea consumption;

The exhaust temperature sensor has a temperature sensor.

Fifth: the problem of vehicle oil and urea quality, the quality of the engine exhaust the harmful gas will be more, so will need more to participate in the reaction of urea, urea consumption caused by large;

Sixth: road reason, if go mountain roads and road for a long time, can cause the vehicle engine combustion is not full, exhaust gas quality, is also the cause of urea consumption big;

The seventh: when the engine itself fails, that is, when the common rail system fails, it also produces insufficient combustion, and the exhaust gas quality is not up to standard.

Eighth: computer application, computer plate program often limit consumption levels of urea, if the PC board application problems, also makes the post-processing of urea consumption, if that's the trouble, just need to same models urea consumption less computer board program copy flash to come over.

For the above reasons, three of the eight reasons are related to the quality of urea.

Second, the NOX conversion efficiency of NOX can increase the consumption of urea liquid. In the third, urea pump failure caused by substandard urea caused urea; Article 5 when the urea solution is substandard, the engine produces more harmful gas in the exhaust gas, so more urea is needed to participate in the reaction, resulting in a large consumption of urea.

Liquid quality to a great extent determine urea is urea liquid consumption, at the same time, the use of inferior urea liquid, the damage is more than just burn more urea liquid, use inferior urea plug nozzle, urea pump plugging, and even cause engine failure, such losses are not just a few barrels of urea liquid money. Therefore, in this reminder to the majority of the car friends, the addition of urea must be in line with the national standard, quality pass quality products.