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Winter has arrived, your car is also afraid of cold Dec 29, 2017

The sudden drop of temperature has a great influence on the driving, and in the automobile itself, it is very important to change the antifreeze fluid in time and check the electrical equipment.


Temperature has a great influence on the driving force


Replace all kinds of oil

(1) use the fuel with low freezing point and good fluidity. Low temperature fuel oil viscosity increase, liquidity becomes poor, adverse to worsen the combustion of the fuel atomization, the performance and fuel economy of the engine start, declined obviously, therefore, in the case of conditional should choose low condensation point of fuel. General selection principle is that the fuel oil solidifying point is lower than environment temperature 5 ℃ or so.

(2) change the oil. Choose a smaller engine oil viscosity, under the condition of low temperature, engine oil viscosity increases as the temperature decreases, liquidity, therefore, should be replaced by timely smaller viscosity oil to offset or eliminate the bad effect.

(3) replace all kinds of lubricants and grease used in winter. Enter winter to cope with transmission, main reducer, steering gear and other winter lube, wheel hub bearings for low drop grease.

Maintain engine cooling system

(1) check the working condition of the thermostat and ensure that the thermostat works well and prevents the engine from being too low or too high. If the engine is often in low temperature operation, it will cause the increase of wear.

(2) remove water scale from water. Clean the engine water jacket, remove the inner scale, prevent the excessive accumulation of the scale, influence the heat of the engine, the temperature is too high, such as the water scale blocking the water release switch, can lead to the water is not clean.

(3) injection of antifreeze fluid. When temperature is too low and conditions allow, can use antifreeze, before use to make a thorough cleaning of the cooling system, and should choose good quality, low corrosive fangdongye, avoid the phenomena of corrosion parts of antifreeze inferior quality.

Maintenance of electrical equipment

(1) check and adjust the electrolyte density. The density of electrolyte can be adjusted appropriately to prevent the accident of the shell of the permafrost battery because the electrolyte density is too low.

(2) adjust the charging voltage of generator. Battery discharge due to low temperature increases, so the dynamo charging amount must be raised, can be appropriately raise voltage regulator limit, general winter regulator limit voltage is higher than in the summer of 0.6 V is more appropriate.

(3) maintenance of starter motor. In winter, the engine starts to be difficult to start, and the number of starting motors is frequent, such as the power shortage of the starter, which can further increase the difficulty of the engine. Practice shows that in the summer, if a slight fault and power slightly insufficient to start the machine, start the engine may very well, but in the winter start will become very difficult, can't even start. Therefore, a thorough maintenance should be carried out for the starter, keeping all parts of the starter machine clean and dry, especially between the brush and the commutator.

(4) strengthen the insulation of accumulators. In order to prevent the cooling of the battery freezing and the effect of the startup performance, the storage battery can be used in winter to improve the temperature of the battery.

Maintenance preheater

For the engine with preheating device, the preheating equipment should be checked and maintained before winter to ensure that the technology is in good condition. The key inspection circuit and oil circuit in the maintenance, prevent the preheating device from working poor and affect the startup of the engine.