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You must pay attention to these six points with the truck warm air. Jan 12, 2018

Now it was winter, the work of early and early, and the journey began before dawn, and they spent the wee hours of the night in the car, almost the coldest day of the day. At this time, the warm wind of the truck comes in handy. However, warm wind is good, winter USES it, still have a lot of attention to matter!

1. Time to start.

Some car owners have a habit, in the winter when they get into the car, they can't wait to open the warm wind, and the temperature and wind volume to the biggest, in fact, it will have the opposite effect. The warm wind is usually the heat generated by the engine, and at the beginning of the engine, the engine has not been able to "heat up" the various cooling fluid. When you get in the car, you start the air conditioner, not only does it not increase the temperature in the car quickly, but also increases the burden of the engine and the motor.

Correct method: should start the engine first, wait for the thermometer pointer to the middle position, then turn on the warm wind.

2. How to quickly improve the temperature in the car?

After turning on the heater, set the air circulation to the outer loop so that the cold air inside the car can be removed from the car. After about 2-3 minutes, the air circulation is set to the inner circulation.

In addition, the car window slightly open a period of time the small seam, because of the hot wind enter, accelerate to crowd out the cold air, the warming effect is reflected more quickly.

3.What about the warm wind dozing off?

First, the warm wind does not blow on the face; Secondly, the temperature should not be too high, both of which can cause drowsiness. In addition, you need to breathe properly. (the car has a long time to turn on the air conditioning. The air in the car will become cloudy and the amount of carbon dioxide will increase as the car itself is in a confined space. This will make people feel drowsy.)

Correct method: every half hour, had better open a window to open a fine seam, let the air in the car convection, the air that gets part of the inside of the car to expel, this can alleviate fatigue effectively.

4. Be careful of the warm wind affecting your skin.

The warm breeze can cause dry in the car, long time dry hot wind, let a person cold sick.

Correct: a wet towel can be placed on the dashboard. In addition, a mineral water can be placed in the car, which can properly moisten the lips.

5.Don't smoke in the warm wind.

Warm air is prone to bacteria, especially when it is in the car to open the warm air. Smoking can cause a large amount of amine and nicotine in the smoke to attach to the evaporator surface, which is difficult to remove. If the weather or air conditioner is not used for a long time, the surface of the evaporator will produce mold, which will give off a bad smell and seriously pollute the air in the car.

6.The heat can also remove fog.

In addition to keeping warm, the warm wind can also remove fog.

How to deal with the fog in the car: the first is to press the window to remove the fog button, and the cold wind to the windshield, so as to eliminate the fog on the window. The second is to put down the Windows and let the air flow, so that the internal and external temperature of the car can be unified, and the window fog will be automatically eliminated.

The warm wind removes the heat from the fog, and evaporates the mist on the glass. This method works slowly, usually lasting 1-2 minutes. And if the warm wind stops, there will be more fog in a very short time.