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The Chinese Heavy Duty Leadership Team Is Ready To Do This In 2018! Dec 22, 2017

Chinese Zhongqijituan chairman Wang Bozhi took office after the first public debut at the 2018 annual meeting of Chinese heavy truck,
Attracted people's attention.
The office he feel?
Standing at the high starting point of 2017,
How will the Chinese heavy duty leadership be ready to do it next year
To achieve the goal of hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue?
The answer is in December 17th.
The media meeting held by China heavy steam.
Chairman Wang, congratulations on your office, we know that the 12 day from the Ji'nan Municipal Organization Department announced on your appointment, you immediately into China's daily work, would you please share with us these days you first came to the truck's thoughts and feelings?
Chairman of China heavy steam group
To China heavy truck in just six days, I understand the mission is glorious, is of great responsibility, I dare not have a tiny bit of slack, all your own will and strength to strive to complete my mission. First of all, is the Tao Secretary (Deputy Secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, Ji'nan municipal Party committee secretary Wang Wentao) to my trust and loyalty Lin mayor (Ji'nan mayor Wang Zhonglin) to encourage the Secretary of the horse with my heart to heart talk and Cai total position make me happy.
Secondly, the belief in the future has always been moved by the belief in the future.
Finally, it is the trust of the market, which is reflected in the following four aspects:
One is that Ji'nan is its root. China heavy steam is the pro son of Ji'nan, its mother is the Yellow River, the mother raises it with milk, gives it power, gives it love, and gives it wisdom.
The two is that Shandong is its character. What kind of character? Honest, loyal, tenacious, aggressive, hard working. China's heavy steam belongs to Shandong, and Shandong has given the character of the enterprise.
The three is that China is its soul. Its name is Chinese and China heavy truck, toward the world, industry serve the country, win glory for the motherland, perform security green travel mission.
The four is that the world is its stage. China's heavy steam belongs to the world, the world is its stage, the implementation of the strategy of globalization.
This year's business conference let us feel that China heavy truck has accumulated a lot of energy in the layout and upgrading of products next year. Let's explain to us what the strength of China heavy duty truck will be in upgrading products in 2018. In addition, does the "intelligent truck" of China heavy truck have a unique concept of development? How is the application of the "wisdom heavy steam" of China heavy truck on the truck?
Vice secretary and general manager of the Party committee of China heavy steam group
Dong CAI
In 2017, China heavy duty truck has already had a good development trend. It has concentrated on the tractor, and has made great progress. It has aroused great response in the industry. We must continue to maintain this good momentum. Some new lines, such as sedan cars, are also included. In addition, we officially launched the six platform product line this year.
Now most of the tractor to a new platform, the advantages of the original vehicle engineering also maintained relatively good, most of the products are still in the original vehicle Steyr engine platform, so we want to through a year of hard work, product line began to transfer to Manchester technology platform product line based on.
The main application field of the first generation intelligent heavy truck is transportation of hazardous chemicals. This will greatly improve the active safety of vehicles. Next year, it will also perform well in the express industry for 24 hours. We very much hope that as the first domestic company to launch such a technical level of vehicles, leading the development of the industry.
We have long realized that when we begin to digitize, we must follow the age of intelligence. So we put a lot of R & D in this area and have been doing it for several years, and we have some thinking about it. The first step is to make the truck to the automatic driving direction, to make it use in specific conditions, can greatly reduce the cost of human resources, improve operational efficiency, and improve the safety greatly, thus greatly improving the efficiency of logistics enterprise and reduce operating costs. The ultimate goal of our "smart truck" is to serve our customers.
"Smart heavy truck" is a big manager of user cars. It will integrate all functions information of manufacturers, distributors and service stations to this platform, and it will be presented to users as a whole, which will be very convenient for users. Now our "smart heavy truck" is basically perfect in remote control, remote monitoring and management, and has received good feedback from users.
In 2017 China's natural gas vehicle sales grew more than 7 times, the development momentum is good as slope total for natural gas heavy truck the future of what is expected? In addition, what is the layout of China heavy truck in the new energy heavy card? What is the understanding and view of the new energy heavy card, that is, the pure electric heavy card?
Vice general manager and chief engineer of China heavy steam group
Shan Po Wang
In 2017, the whole natural gas heavy truck capacity was around 60 thousand vehicles. In the past month, the price of natural gas has increased greatly due to heating, and the sales volume of natural gas vehicles has been affected. After winter, gas prices will go down. The demand for natural gas heavy cards will increase, and the capacity to forecast next year should be more than 100 thousand.
In the pure electric heavy card, the price is still high. There may be a process to be marketed, and it takes a certain amount of time. In 2017, we have also made some preparations, and we have been qualified for the production of pure electric and hybrid vehicles.
The first echelon heavy truck competition has become intense, before the interception, after the pursuers. Excuse me, Liu Pei