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China Heavy Truck And Light Card Sales Department Held The 2018 Business Conference Dec 22, 2017

From the deep ploughing of the market to the layout of the three grand projects of reengineering and development, new energy and new policies are focused. Then, today, the light card sales department is on the runway of the new era.
"By our armour, Kroraina will not also not broken." In December 16th, Chinese heavy truck light truck sales department of Commerce on 2018 meeting, light card sales department general manager Wang Dechun borrowed "army seven" in a poem, for the participants of the dealers across the country, on behalf of the user representatives, financial and investment institutions, showing the 2018 development blueprint is carefully painted light card in hand.
China heavy truck and light card sales department held the 2018 business conference
Chinese Zhongqijituan chairman Wang Bozhi delivered a speech at the meeting, with the "shining star" to describe now light card sales achievements, 2017 young Card Sales Department expects sales of 55 thousand cars, an increase of 47%, higher than the industry average increase of 30 percentage points above.
China Chongqijituan deputy party secretary and general manager Cai Dong attended the meeting of the "new energy and clean development trends Forum", elaborated Chinese CNHTC constantly promote the development of new energy vehicles efforts, and the technology research and development, manufacturing to achieve the advantages of energy saving are introduced. The new energy vehicle launched by the light truck sales department for the city's short and medium logistics market has high energy density and long endurance. At the same time, a new energy vehicle monitoring platform has been set up to achieve real-time information monitoring.
Wang Dechun, general manager of China heavy truck and light truck sales department, delivered a speech on "China heavy truck HOWO light truck re start" at the conference, summed up the competition environment and marketing work of 2017 young, middle card market, and prospected the marketing plan of 2018 young card sales department.