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30 China Heavy Truck LNG Port Transhipment Is Solemnly Delivered To Tianjin Port Dec 22, 2017

Recently, 30 Chinese heavy truck LNG dump trucks are solemnly delivered to Tianjin port. This batch of vehicles will be mainly used in Tianjin Hui air international Tianjin port four company's internal reverse business.
The two sides attach great importance to the delivery of the vehicle delivery vehicle, Pingyi County Labor Bureau, Tianjin port four deputy general manager of the company, Chinese Heavy Truck Sales Department of Tianjin branch manager, Qinggang International Logistics Co. Ltd. general manager attended the handover ceremony cum business launch ceremony, and Tianjin each big enterprise together to witness this exciting moment.
As Chinese's cooperation and win-win customer, Qinggang International Logistics Co., Ltd is a company committed to the ore transportation, bulk cargo in large private enterprises in Hong Kong, port comprehensive logistics group, it is a unique advantage in the ore and mineral transport, is a well-known excellent enterprise. Due to the expansion of headquarters business, the 30 LNG dump trucks purchased were designed to fit the transport status of Tianjin port and better adapt to the upgrading of the four businesses in Tianjin port.
The delivery ceremony, Chinese Truck Sales Department of Tianjin Branch Manager Fan Hong said with confidence, China's products will rely on many aspects of its high power, high reliability, economical operation and other advantages, as well as the intimate family customer service service ", to meet the operational requirements, to contribute to the sustainable development of Qing Gang. (this article comes from China heavy steam)
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