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The Annual Meeting Of The Thirty-fourth China Automobile Industry Youth Work Research Association Dec 08, 2017

November 28th -12 2, 2017, the annual meeting of the thirty-fourth Youth Work Research Association of the Chinese automobile industry was held in Beijing. China Chongqijituan group and the person in charge of the Communist Youth League organizations from the FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor, SAIC, BAIC, Changan automobile and other units of cadres on behalf of a total of more than 110 people gathered to talk about the development of the industry, to discuss youth work.
China Heavy Automobile Group Committee participated in the thirty-fourth annual meeting of the China Automotive Industry Youth Work Research Association
China Heavy Automobile Group Committee participated in the thirty-fourth annual meeting of the China Automotive Industry Youth Work Research Association
The annual meeting of the China automobile industry youth work association is the annual event of the national automobile youth, which is taken in rotation by the members of the Council. With the theme of "not forgetting the first heart and keeping in mind the mission", the annual meeting focuses on the new work of the Communist Youth League in the nineteen major enterprises. The opening ceremony, Beiqi group party secretary and chairman Xu Heyi, the Central Committee of youth development department deputy director Liu Gang, deputy secretary of the Beijing municipal Party committee Du Yue made an important speech, and encouraged by the automobile industry this year will be full of youth exchanges, learn from each other, harvest growth, and in the new era on the journey to grasp the historical opportunity, take time the task, personal ideals into practice to realize the dream of the China vivid, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and make unremitting efforts. According to the new times and new situation, the China automobile industry Youth Work Research Association officially launched the "China automobile industry youth responsibility plan" at the opening ceremony. Study on the governing units will be in the next period of time, in the name of Chinese youth work in the automotive industry will be the focus on poverty alleviation, student support, elderly and disabled, compulsory labor and so on, to carry out a series of voluntary service and charity activities, further integration of resources, and concerted efforts, continue to enhance the influence of the automotive industry in youth work under the new era.
In the next to share links, China Chongqijituan League innovation report forms highlight the highlights and results achieved by the construction of grass-roots organization, selection of Bridge Box Company Committee to the general assembly to "support plans to boost the growth of young talent" as the title of the report, the group based service enterprises in the work of the center, young talent cultivation in the "basic" and "practice" and "push" to support the growth of young talent, enhance their work, attract the centripetal effect effect, agglomeration effect, the formation of innovative mode of typical significance. Exploration and practice of the implementation plan for the site group of cadres of the Communist Youth League's support Chinese showed great enthusiasm, from time to time to come up with mobile phone photos, and said after the meeting, the Communist Youth League work Chinese heavy truck is very creative and attractive in the future work to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning,
During the annual meeting, the organizers of Beiqi group around the "Nineteen Party committee propaganda spirit" and "do not forget the early heart. The two issue, also led the majority of cadres listened to lectures on the executive director of the Marx Institute of China Youth University for Political Science professor Li Wei" Nineteen interpretation of the spirit of the party "and visited Chairman Mao Memorial hall. At the same time, combined with the innovation and benefit young cadres, the participants also visited the Beijing Modern Youth Innovation workstation, Beiqi new energy science and technology innovation center "Blue Valley" and Beijing Benz production line. (this article comes from China heavy steam)