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China Sinotruk Held The First Working Conference In 2018 Jan 08, 2018

In January 3rd, China heavy duty group held the first working conference in 2018, systematically summarized the past year's main work, scientifically analyzed the current situation, and made clear the objectives and tasks in 2018. We must mobilize all cadres and staff members, correctly understand the opportunities and challenges facing us, and further unify our thoughts, build consensus, strengthen confidence and implement various measures to make a good start for the work of 2018. In accordance with the established plan, we must conscientiously carry out the three reinventing initiatives and make use of five to ten years to build China heavy duty truck into an international leading global enterprise, so that China's heavy truck will take off again.
China heavy steam held the first working conference in 2018
Cai Dong, the general manager of the group, presided over the meeting. Wang Bozhi, the chairman of the group, made an important speech. Group leader, chairman of the board of supervisors Zhang Yan and vice president, organ, Ji'nan area unit leadership meeting; field unit leadership through video conference.
The meeting proposed that the China heavy work in 2018 the general idea is: to fully implement the spirit of nineteen, the ideological characteristics of Xi Jinping China new era as guidance, adhere to the "quality first, benefit the enterprise policy, firmly establish a market-oriented, user centric business philosophy, by accelerating the new kinetic energy conversion, to achieve China's reconstruction the development of the implementation of the grand project, and strive to create a new era of international truck, heavy truck, heavy truck, green intelligent truck for the heavy truck sharing, China built an internationally renowned domestic irreplaceable large commercial vehicle group, has gradually become the world first-class enterprise has laid a solid foundation for global competitiveness. The general work guideline is steady. The focus of the work is the main industry, promote each other, skills, make a short board, improve the quality, anti risk, increase efficiency, employee benefits. The goal is to sell 330 thousand vehicles, business revenue to ensure 100 billion yuan, the main indicators increased by more than 10%, business quality has gone to a new level, and quality and efficiency level has been maintained in the leading position of the industry.
Wang Bozhi, chairman of the group company
Wang Bozhi in his speech on Chinese Chongqijituan last year conducted a comprehensive summary, do in-depth analysis on the existing situation facing the market and business issues, made a careful study on the future development of the relationship between China Zhongqijituan, put forward the new concept of development and implementation relates to the way of overall work the company in 2018 made important arrangements, and proposed work requirements.
Wang Bozhi said, 2017 is Chinese's staff Dili endeavour, the work to achieve new breakthroughs and fruitful results from the year. First, the various indicators of production and management have created a new record of history. The annual total sales of vehicle sales reached 300 thousand vehicles, and realized business income of 90 billion 100 million yuan, total profits and taxes 6 billion 500 million yuan, total profit 4 billion 500 million yuan. It is one of the best quality and efficiency level of domestic commercial vehicle industry. Two, the product structure optimization and adjustment results are highlighted. Heavy card plate, engineering vehicles continue to maintain the industry leading, traction car to maintain rapid growth momentum. In particular, the natural gas heavy card has been widely recognized by the market, increased six times over the same period, and the market share reached 20.8%. The heavy card sales of MC and MT engines accounted for 50.8% of the company's heavy card sales. After more than four years of market inspection, the cooperative project has reached the expected goal. Light card plate fast on the volume, sales into the industry before the five, China's light card industry is an important force. China heavy steam has made a solid step to the commercial vehicle group of focus, medium, light, guest and special. The three is that the marketing work has made great progress, and the share of the domestic market has been greatly improved. Four, new achievements have been made in the development of the international market, and the export of products has set a new high. In 2017, 33 thousand and 700 vehicles were exported to heavy trucks, an increase of 26.8% over the same period, accounting for 49.2% of the total domestic exports, up 2.3 percentage points compared to the same period last year, and for thirteen consecutive years, they occupy the leading position in the domestic heavy truck industry. Five, new achievements have been made in product optimization and technological innovation. The six is to improve the overall quality level. Seven is the continuous improvement of enterprise management level. The eight is to improve the overall quality and ability of the staff.
When it comes to understanding of the Chinese heavy truck and the development of the future, Wang Bozhi said, Chinese heavy truck have a profound foundation, he belongs to Ji'nan, Ji'nan is deeply rooted in this fertile land; he belongs to Shandong, honest, sincere, tenacious enterprising, is his character, his spirit is Confucian Road; he belongs to China, is the backbone of the national heavy truck. With the national industrial revitalization dream, shouldering the mission to win glory for the country; he belongs to the world, the world is his stage.
Wang Bozhi said that the next step of development, first of all, to correctly deal with the seven relations. One is the relationship between change and change. Change is eternal, constant is relative. The relationship between change and change must be viewed dialectically, and the relationship between innovation and inheritance must be in an invincible position in the fierce competition. The two is the relationship between R & D and the market. Market is oriented, R & D is the guide, we must carry out sufficient argumentation and planning, make scientific decisions, and achieve sustainable development that leads both industry progress and market demand. Third is the relationship between the industry and the secondary industry. To highlight the main industry, the relationship between the prosperity of the secondary coordination. We should thoroughly implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, to consolidate and develop the existing industrial structure, the main industry and auxiliary industry bigger and stronger, make a feature, make the advantage, the formation of mutual promotion and coordinated development of the good situation. The four is the relationship between enterprise culture and management. The five is the relationship between learning and confidence. Six is the relationship between entrepreneurship and business