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China Heavy Duty Truck 2018 Clear Target Sales 330,000 Vehicles To Ensure That Over A Hundred Billion Jan 09, 2018

On January 3, CNHTC held the first working conference in 2018, systematically summarizing the major tasks of the past year, scientifically analyzing the current situation and clarifying the 2018 targets and tasks. Mobilize all cadres and workers, correctly understand the opportunities and challenges they face, further unify their thinking, build consensus, strengthen their confidence and implement various measures for work, so as to make a good start in the year of 2018 and make good progress. It is necessary to conscientiously implement all three initiatives for reengineering in accordance with the established plan and take advantage of five to ten years to build CNHTC into a leading global player in the world to achieve another take-off of CNHTC.

Cai Dong, general manager of the group presided over the meeting. Group Chairman Wang Boye made an important speech. Group leaders and chairman of the board of supervisors Zhang Yan and deputy chief division, department offices, Jinan area leaders of all units to attend the meeting; field units of the leadership team to participate in the video through the meeting.

The meeting proposed that in 2018, the overall thinking of CNHTC work is: To comprehensively implement the spirit of the party's conference, take the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide, adhere to the enterprise policy of "quality first and benefit first", firmly establish a market-oriented, User-centric business philosophy, by accelerating the conversion of old and new kinetic energy to achieve the implementation of the grand project of China's heavy truck reengineering and development, and strive to build a new era of international heavy truck, green heavy truck, smart heavy truck, heavy truck, to build China's heavy truck Internationally renowned and irreplaceable domestic large-scale commercial vehicle enterprise groups, and gradually become a world-class enterprise with a global competitiveness to lay a solid foundation. The overall tone of work is steady progress. The focus of work is: strong industry, promote industry, practice internal strength, make up shortcomings, improve quality, prevent risks, increase benefits, benefit workers. The target of the work is to sell 330,000 vehicles and ensure that the operating income will exceed 100 billion yuan. The major indicators will increase by over 10%. The quality of operation will continue to lead the industry with its quality and efficiency.

In his speech, Wang Boshi made a comprehensive summary of the work of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group in the past year, conducted an in-depth analysis of the current market situation and the problems existing in the enterprise, and seriously considered the issues concerning the future development of CNHTC Group Proposed new concepts and ways of achieving development, made important arrangements for the overall work of the Group in 2018, and put forward work requirements.

Wang Boshi said that in 2017, all employees of China National Heavy Duty Truck will make unremitting efforts to achieve new breakthroughs in various fields and achieve fruitful results. First, the production and operation of various indicators created a new record in history. The annual total sales of 300,000 vehicles to achieve operating income of 90.1 billion yuan, profits and taxes total 6.5 billion, a total profit of 4.5 billion yuan, is the commercial vehicle industry operating quality and efficiency of one of the best. Second, the product structure optimization and adjustment results highlight. Heavy truck sector, engineering vehicles continue to lead the industry, tractors maintain rapid growth momentum. In particular, natural gas heavy truck has been widely recognized by the market with a year-on-year increase of six times and a market share of 20.8%. Heavy truck sales with MC and MT engines accounted for 50.8% of the company's heavy truck sales. After more than four years of market tests, Mann's cooperative projects have fully met the expected targets. Rapid light truck plate volume, sales into the top five industries, China's light truck industry has become an important force. CNHTC has taken a solid step toward the all-series commercial vehicle groups that are heavy, medium, light, passenger and special. Third, significant progress has been made in marketing work, with a significant increase in the domestic market share. Fourthly, the international market has made new achievements and the export of products has hit a record high. In 2017, the company achieved a total of 33,700 heavy truck exports, an increase of 26.8% over the same period of previous year, accounting for 49.2% of the total domestic exports, up 2.3% from the same period of previous year and ranking the first place in the domestic heavy truck industry for the thirteen consecutive years. Fifth, product optimization, technological innovation made new achievements. Sixth, the overall quality level to further enhance. Seven is the continuous improvement of business management. Eight is the overall quality and ability of staff to further improve.

Speaking of CNHTC's understanding and future development, Wang said that CNHTC has profound heritage. He belongs to Jinan and deeply rooted in this fertile land of Jinan. He belongs to Shandong and he is sincere, tenacious and aggressive. Character, Confucianism is his spirit; he belongs to China, is the backbone of national heavy truck, carrying the dream of rejuvenating the national industry, shouldering the glory of the mission for the country; he belongs to the world, the world is his stage.

Wang Boyi said that the next step how to develop, we must first properly handle the seven relations. First, the relationship between change and no change. Change is eternal, unchanged is relative. It is imperative to view the relationship between change and immutableness, innovation and inheritance in a dialectical way, so as to remain invincible in the fierce competition. Second, the relationship between research and development and the market. Market-oriented, R & D is the lead, to be fully demonstrated and planning, scientific decision-making, to achieve both to lead the industry to progress and meet the market demand for sustainable development. The third is the main industry and auxiliary business relations. To form a prominent main business, auxiliary industry coordination and prosperity of the relationship. We must deepen the implementation of the party's party spirit, consolidate and develop the current industrial structure, make the major industries bigger and stronger, complement each other to make distinctions, make advantages, and create a good situation of mutual promotion and coordinated development. Fourth, the relationship between corporate culture and management. Fifth, the relationship between learning and self-confidence. Sixth, the relationship between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. Seven is a person's lead and collective wisdom.

Second, we must establish the two dimensions of CNHTC's future development. First, adhere to the party's party spirit and the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, unify their thinking and unify their actions, conscientiously implement the supply-side structural reforms to promote business in the new era to achieve new developments. The second is to think about the development of CNHTC on the global dimension. After years of implementation of its international strategy, Sinotruk has grown from an export-only company to an international company. At the same time, we also have many experiences in international joint ventures and cooperation and the background of Hong Kong red chip listing. We have already accumulated the advantages and strengths in achieving greater development in the internationalization.

Wang Bozhi said: The new era and new development. We must take advantage of the situation and take the momentum to stand on the global dimension of the business positioning. Adhere to the principle of "quality first, efficiency first", make full use of global resources, form a large-scale global cooperation and marketing system, master the core technologies, enhance brand influence, build CNHTC into a core competitiveness, Quite well-known and status of global enterprises. This is the ideal of CNHTC for many years, and it is also a major strategic concept of implementing the party's conference spirit and complying with the law of world economic development. It is a requirement of the times and an inevitable result of history.

Wang Bozhi stressed that CNHTC must have the basic connotation of globalization. The Group Company should unify its thinking, unify its understanding and unify its actions from top to bottom and fully realize the strategic significance of globalization for the development of the enterprise. It is necessary to be soberly aware that the future competition is a contest in the international market. All cadres and workers must have a global vision and mindset, establish a globalized thinking, and place their enterprises in an international environment to study their own work to enhance, top-level design, and long-term strategic planning and goals, and actively promote the strategic deployment Successful implementation. To master the world's leading core technology, with the world's leading talent team, producing the world's leading high-quality products, the use of the world's leading marketing idea, the implementation of the international leader in high-quality management.

"Speeding up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and realizing the grand project of CNHTC's reengineering and development" is a decision made by the leadership of the group after careful consideration, thorough study and decision-making. Reengineering and Magnificent Development Project can not serve as an empty slogan, but an important work concerning the future development of the enterprise. It is an important way to realize the globalization of CNHTC and is based on the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing" The concrete practice is a powerful guarantee for the continuous development of CNHTC. In accordance with the established plan, we will conscientiously implement all three initiatives for reengineering and take advantage of five to ten years to build CNHTC into a truly global leader in the field of international operations and achieve another take-off of CNHTC.

Wang Zhizhi pointed out that 2018 will be the first year for carrying out the spirit of the party's convention and the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. It is a key year for deciding to build a well-off society in an all-round way and implementing the "13th Five-Year Plan". The just-concluded meeting of the Central Economic Work and the provincial economic work conference conducted a profound analysis of the current situation at home and abroad, clearly set forth the general requirements, development goals and major measures for economic work, and elaborated upon the shift of China's economy from the stage of rapid growth to High-quality stage of development of great significance. From the industry situation, 2018, the new GB1589 policy effect is still continuing. Environmental protection continued to increase, more provinces and cities will be introduced to limit the country Ⅲ, to encourage countries to speed up the elimination of Ⅲ measures to eliminate the super-governance, non-standard vehicles investigated and dealt with more quickly to further accelerate the pace of vehicle updates. The restrictions on traditional energy vehicles bring about an increase in the demand for clean energy and new energy vehicles. At the same time, the influence of the state's three-year investment plan for major projects is still on the way. The landing and construction of large-scale infrastructure projects will still support the growth of construction vehicles. In particular, the construction of projects related to precision poverty alleviation will bring about a rapid increase in the volume of some regional markets. Urbanization will also increase the demand for special purpose vehicles such as cold chain, danger, sanitation and fire protection.

These are the opportunities for 2018. But at the same time, we should see that we still face many challenges. On the one hand, competition in the industry will become even more intense and the situation will be even more severe. On the other hand, there are still plenty of room for development and potential for CNHTC to benchmark the advanced enterprises at home and abroad. Against the boat, do not go back. In the past competition, we have not been overthrown, and we have taken the initiative to take the lead. Today's China National Heavy Duty Truck, can break through captaincy, the important task of achieving new development, historically fall on our shoulders. Everyone must have a full sense of crisis, but also have a full sense of mission and responsibility. They should always be tense and actively respond to market challenges. I firmly believe that any situation can not stop the pace of progress of China National Heavy Duty Truck, I am confident of the future of China National Heavy Duty Truck.

Wang Boshi emphasized that we must unify our thinking, strengthen our confidence and build consensus. We must in particular adhere to the guidance of the problems, look for differences in the advanced global enterprises, and humbly learn from them, including learning from competitors, and do a good job in 2018 in all aspects. We should give full play to product advantages and strengthen marketing measures to ensure new growth of domestic marketing capabilities. We should expand our strengths and deepen cooperation so as to push forward the development of the international heavy truck industry in a new era. We must uphold market-oriented technological research and development and further enhance our core competitiveness. To improve product quality as the goal, to promote the level of manufacturing to a new level; to implement the process of reengineering, business management and innovation to achieve change; to innovate the concept of talent development, and create a future-oriented and world-oriented high-quality workforce.

Wang Bozhi also put forward specific requirements for the current work. The first is to sign the task book, the second is to prepare for annual sales work system meeting, and the third is to make safety work during the Spring Festival. The fourth is to do Good visit before the Spring Festival, condolences to the work, the fifth is to strengthen the clean government during the Spring Festival.

Cai Dong put forward specific requirements on implementing the spirit of the meeting. All departments and units of the Corporation are required to conscientiously study, study and implement the spirit of Chairman Wang Boshi's important speech, and work out measures for the next step in light of the actual situation of all units, mobilize all staff to mobilize them immediately and rapidly start all year round Work for the group in the first quarter, "good start" lay a solid foundation.

Cai Dong stressed that the ministries and departments and units of the first level should work in a unified manner according to the unified arrangements of the group companies and promptly carry out annual work. In 2018, the curtain has begun. From the perspective of the heavy truck industry, major heavy truck manufacturers have set high development goals and are taking measures to seize the market. We must not take it lightly. We should make full use of our enthusiasm for work, make plans in a scientific way, break down the mission objectives, and unite to lead all employees to work promptly.

The second is to attach great importance to safety. The first quarter and even the first half of the month is the production, all secondary units to fully carry out safety in production. To strictly enforce the safety inspection system, around the safety operation rules are perfect, whether implemented in place for a comprehensive self-examination and rectification.

Third, we must conscientiously plan the marketing work. Construction vehicles should be the focus of 2018 to consolidate and enhance the advantages of the company's construction vehicles. Sales department to T7 / T6 series of products for accurate planning and organization and implementation. Efforts should be made to fill the truck short board. To conscientiously sum up the successful experience of tractors, and further consolidate the product structure adjustment results of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. Light truck division should do a good job of MC04 engine batch import work, to ensure an impact; should carefully study the light truck industry market, doing a good job in the field of "big light truck" at the same time, research "big micro card" market trends, tap new growth point.

Fourthly, Party organizations at all levels should regard studying and propagandizing the party's party meeting as the primary political task for the current and future period, deepen the normalization and institutionalization of the study and education of "two studies and one education", and steadfastly carry out the policy of " Keep in mind the mission of "thematic education. In the study and propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the party's meeting, we must formulate a good learning plan, pay close attention to reality, reflect the characteristics of heavy truck. We must mobilize party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels and fully understand the great significance of the party's party meetings and implement the spirit of studying and implementing the party's conference in each branch and every party member so as to unify our thinking with the party's meeting spirit , Unite the forces to fulfill the tasks set by the party's conference. Guided by the spirit of the party's meeting, we have done a good job in all aspects of the work and made new and greater contributions to building a new era of international CNHTC, smart CNHTC, green CNHTC.