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Sinotruk Convened A Media Meeting Dec 22, 2017

On the afternoon of December 17th, China heavy steam group held the media meeting of the 2018 business conference. China Zhongqijituan chairman Wang Bozhi, China Chongqijituan deputy party secretary and general manager Cai Dong, China Chongqijituan deputy party secretary, deputy general manager in Germany, China's executive director Wang Shanpo, China's executive director Liu Peimin, China's executive director Xu Xiang Yang, Chinese Chongqijituan chief economist Song Qidong and attend the meeting, Xinhua News agency Chinese daily, China industry news, official report, entrepreneur daily more than 50 media reporters, in an interview scene.
The media meeting was hosted by Germany and announced the basic situation of China Heavy Truck Group's production and operation, product structure adjustment and internationalization strategy in recent year. The development goals of the group in 2018 were briefly explained.
In the session, the chairman Wang Bozhi said in response to a question, "Chinese heavy truck roots in Ji'nan, he grew up drinking water, is the son of Ji'nan; Shandong is his character, embodies the kind, loyal, hard-working character; Chinese is heavy soul, because bears the burden of his country by industry the world is heavy; the stage, at this stage on the personcarthe Road, harmonious and beautiful symphony. So I don't have a little slack, and I want to use all the power and wisdom in the cause of China's heavy steam. "
The reporters are concerned about 2018 Chinese's product highlights, natural gas, heavy truck, Western marketing layout, light card sales, auto finance operations and other issues to ask questions at the meeting according to the specific field of leadership in charge of their respective respectively detailed answer.