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Accurate Customer Visits To Promote The Promotion Of The Service Of The Institute Dec 06, 2017

In November 29, 2017, Zhang Yuanwu manager China CNHTC Ji'nan special vehicles Co., led the company's sales department, technical department, customer service and other service personnel, in-depth visits to key customers in Zhucheng, listening to the voice of the customer, mining the customer demand, solicit opinions and suggestions for further improvement of product quality, improve service quality and lay a solid foundation.
China heavy steam tankers, China heavy steam tankers
Manager Zhang Yuanwu introduced the purpose of the trip and conveyed the company's willingness to solve the problem for the customers. The person in charge of the team captain Cui said, because the temperature drops, the aluminum ball valve, water pump easy Donglie, and Zhang arrived just in time for a. In the subsequent interaction, the visiting team carefully records the problem of customer feedback and carries out professional answers and records.
The visit of Ji'nan special car company of heavy steam is timely and warm. Next, in view of the key customers, the Ji'nan special car company will continue to visit regularly to provide better quality "relatives" service for the customers.