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Different Road Driving Skills Feb 25, 2019

Different road driving skills

Driving outside, safety is basic, ignore safety, everything is meaningless.But truck driving safety is not just a verbal statement, but to pay attention to every detail of the driving, so in the face of different road conditions, what should be paid attention to?

Snow on the road surface

In the northern sports car snow road is very common, remember to prepare anti-skid chain, meet snow should be immediately installed on the anti-skid chain, although a little damage to the tires, but can obtain safety.Drive in must slow, decelerate to depend on engine and gear position as far as possible, avoid by all means slam on brake.

Continuous downhill

Continuous downhill is a cliche, but accidents are often caused by careless drivers.

It is necessary to apply the brake lightly when you start downhill to check that the brake is working properly.In downhill, low-speed gear, engine and other auxiliary means are used to control the speed, instead of frequently stepping on the brake, so as to prevent thermal recession and brake failure.


Although Bridges are not complicated road conditions, special attention should be paid to the rain and snow in winter, because Bridges are more likely to freeze than the ground.The surface heat capacity is large, after a rain and snow, the rain and snow on the road will soon evaporate or melt.But the rain and snow on the bridge is not easy to melt.After the continuous rolling of vehicles, often form a thin layer of ice.At this time, if the sudden brake deceleration, the vehicle is easy to lose control of very serious traffic accidents.It is best to slow down before crossing the bridge in winter to prevent accidents.

The tunnel

The tunnel is relatively closed, and it is difficult to dry the road naturally when there is water.The vehicle enters the tunnel at high speed. In case of emergency, sudden braking or lane change may easily cause the vehicle to lose control.Moreover, the tunnel is dark, and vehicles suddenly enter the tunnel from a bright environment. It is difficult for people's eyes to quickly adapt to the dark environment. If something happens in front of the tunnel, it is difficult for the driver to find it in the first time, which may also cause a very serious accident.Therefore, before entering the tunnel, it is best to keep a safe distance from the car in front, slow down properly and turn on the lights to prevent emergencies.In addition, when the tunnel is connected to the bridge, or when the altitude is high, it may encounter crosswind when driving out of the tunnel.

Mountain road sharp

The line of sight is generally not good in the steep bends of mountain roads, and trucks often need to use the opposite lane to turn. If other vehicles suddenly appear in the opposite direction, it is likely to cause an accident.During the day, slow down before turning and honk your horn to avoid occupying the opposite lane.If at night you can tell if there is an approaching car by the light of the car in the opposite direction, you should make preparation for avoiding in advance.

Truck friends, the above complex road conditions are not terrible, with a strong sense of safety, to ensure you a safe journey out of the car.I hope you old drivers must put safety in the first place, the road can be met with the situation calmly, safely delivered goods.