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In The Year Of 2017 Sinotruk Hohan Series Outsold 20 Thousand Vehicles Jan 02, 2018

Since December 13, 2017 came gaintel production had good news of 20 thousand vehicles in December 18th, China heavy duty truck sales once again came the news of gaintel products have exceeded 20 thousand.

The new trend of China heavy duty truck sales department to seize the market opportunities, grasp the season for the development of the industry, continue to launch Manchester technology 360 horsepower, 400 horsepower diesel tractor and Manchester technology 400 horsepower, 430 HP gas tractor for new models gaintel product market, to meet the expectations of quality products to customers in mind; secondly, China heavy duty truck the sales department as soon as possible gaintel production cycle and logistics cycle, ensure that the shortest time vehicles delivered to customers, improve customer satisfaction, achieve sales booming good situation.