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It Is Not Surprising That These Domestic Truck Enterprises Also Produce Buses Dec 28, 2017

Speaking of domestic production truck enterprises, I believe that everyone is familiar with, but the card bus to eat enterprises, I am afraid that the fresh people know. On the one hand, because many of the cars produced are regional sales, on the other hand, the focus of the enterprise is not the bus, so many cars are not common. After sorting out the data, we find that there are many enterprises that produce trucks and buses. We will divide into the last and the second to make inventory for you, and see which brands are unexpected.


The FAW truck produced by China FAW Group will know that even the people outside the circle will be known as the eldest son of the Republic of the automobile industry. After 60 years of changes in the century, the Jiefang Truck has been developing until now. From the light card, the card, the heavy card to all kinds of heavy duty vehicles, all kinds of cars are all in all, and their brand popularity has not been too much whitewashed.

FAW bus is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAW Group, which produces four series of more than 6-18 hundred kinds of cities, long-distance, tourism, group buses and chassis. Besides, FAW has a pure electric bus. Large capacity lithium battery can achieve fast charging and quick replacement. Once charging, it can ensure the vehicle's continuous mileage of 240 kilometers.


"The east wind of China's east world" was born in 1969. The truck brand is not strange to you. Many truck drivers should drive the Dongfeng truck when they are driving the driving license. At the present stage, Dongfeng Tianlong flagship, Tianjin and so on are the hot selling models in the market.

Dongfeng bus products cover 6 - 8.6 meters 5 series of 12 varieties of bus and 6 - 13.7 meters 19 series of nearly 2000 varieties. The main production of "Dongfeng wind" brand bus, special car, school bus. At the same time, it also actively responds to the national environmental protection standards, and also produces a new energy series of pure electric and mixed buses.


China heavy duty truck is also an old factory that produces heavy vehicles. It also remembers that the Yellow River JN150 eight ton truck was produced by China Heavy Duty Truck in 1960, which is China's first heavy vehicle in real sense. Especially in twenty-first Century after the introduction of the German heavy truck engines, heavy truck axle Manchester technology and corresponding technology, the production of Shantou techlab, HOWO, gaintel and other models are won market recognition.

All of the heavy truck HOWO truck are very familiar with, but you know HOWO bus? HOWO bus was produced "the Yellow River" bus was founded in 1953 in Ji'nan automobile manufacturing factory (owned by management directly under the Department of transportation), is one of the earliest bus production enterprise Chinese. HOWO bus product length covering 5.6 - 18 meters, road bus; fuel type compressed natural gas, diesel, liquefied natural gas and diesel natural gas dual fuel hybrid gas electric hybrid, pure electric bus, trolleybus vehicles; use long-distance transportation, tourist bus, long-distance passenger in the short distance passenger travel, city bus, intercity bus, bus group, non operation special vehicles, cars are very rich.