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Manchester Engine Technology Exhibition The 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show Dec 08, 2017

From November 29, 2017 to December 2nd, the fourteenth Shanghai Frankfurt auto match exhibition was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center of Hongqiao, Shanghai. Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts exhibition is Asia's largest auto aftermarket service exhibition. This exhibition area is further expanded, exhibitors scale innovation records, professional audiences number of innovative records, well-known brands at home and abroad have appeared. Among them, in the 8.2F13 booth, excellent quality, the world's top China heavy vehicle technology engine and its pure accessories especially attract people's attention.

This exhibition, Hangzhou heavy truck engine sales Chinese articles man technology MC11 engine and cylinder block, crankshaft and other core components of the exhibition, attracted a large number of professional visitors from home and abroad attention.

The main supporting parts of China heavy steam MC11 engine are the world - class supplier based on German man company original brand. The MC11 engine is in synchronous production with Germany, and its power, economy, reliability, durability, noise and other indicators have reached the international leading level. Manchester technology of engine cylinder block and head, crankshaft and other core components of the exhibition, it is about the core technology of Chinese heavy truck engine 1 million 500 thousand kilometers without overhaul Manchester technology behind the brilliant record, vermicular cast iron cylinder, Longmen unique structure design, greatly improve the body stiffness and strength, reduce the weight; the integral cylinder head seal good, high strength, good rigidity, high reliability; overhead camshaft, greatly improve the valvetrain stiffness, precise control of valve timing, improve combustion, and reduce the mechanical loss and failure rate.

During the exhibition, the terminal customers come to the exhibition platform and express the purchase intention. More and more customers come to negotiate and cooperate.