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Pure Electric Drive, Green Environmental--HOWO Light Truck Pure Electric Van Truck. Aug 30, 2018

German man technology / green pure electric
With the development of battery density and several iterations of control system, the service mileage and battery life of pure electric truck have made great strides. China Heavy Truck launched HOWO light truck pure electric van transporter for medium and short haul logistics market. Its significance and ultimate goal are very simple - - to meet the user's profit maximization needs.
Green environmental protection
Pure electric drive, no discharge, use environment-friendly lithium ion battery.
Extra long mileage
The lithium iron phosphate power battery with high energy density is selected to match the lightweight design of the whole vehicle to maximize the utilization rate of the power battery. Battery capacity as high as 94.6KWh, integrated operating conditions range up to 300 km, compared with similar products on the market by 30%.
Safe and reliable, longer life.
Multidimensional safety design, components, systems, vehicle three-level safety protection, battery, motor protection level to IP67, battery life up to 8 years (according to the power consumption to 70% of the new battery), the use of the environment - 30 ~60%.
Intelligent electric
Below the BMS is a motor controller that controls the start-up, forward and backward speed, climbing force and other driving conditions of the electric vehicle, or will help the electric vehicle brake and store part of the braking energy into the power battery.
The mature water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor is adopted. The power torque range is large, the maximum output power is 110 KW and the maximum torque is 1200 Nm. Direct drive motor, no noise, power saving, smooth operation, strong power.
Super large capacity container
Electric city logistics vehicle chassis, greater load-bearing capacity, more load-bearing space; rack on both sides of the power battery layout does not occupy the space of the container, the maximum volume of the container can reach 23.38 M & sup3;.
Super scalability
Battery, motor, power electronic unit, electric air conditioning, electric steering, electric braking, thermal management system to achieve platform, modular development, the same architecture, with suppliers, spare parts worry-free.
Ultra low maintenance cost
There are no traditional oil trucks, all kinds of oil and filter maintenance and maintenance costs, low maintenance costs. The new energy electric vehicle saves 80% of the cost compared with the ordinary diesel vehicle.