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Sinotruk Auto Parts Sales Department Held The 2018 Business Conference Dec 22, 2017

In December 19th, China heavy auto parts sales department held a business meeting in 2018. Cai Dong, vice general secretary and general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck, attended the conference. About 600 people from all over the country, including their loved ones, distributors, cooperation units, user representatives, financial institutions, news reporters and so on, gathered for a grand meeting.
In his speech, Cai Dong said, welcoming the arrival of representatives from all walks of life and congratulating the award-winning excellent dealers. In 2017, China heavy duty truck company adheres to the market orientation, user centered, and actively respond to the fierce competition in the market. The market is broken down and the sales indicators are refreshed. It will sell nearly 300 thousand vehicles in the whole year, an increase of 47% over the same period. The parts sales department is closely related to the marketing, innovation and development, the use of e-commerce model, so that the market after the car sales increase efficiency, accessories sales to create new achievements.
Liu Peimin, executive director of China heavy duty truck, has read the award documents and the list of winners, and has won the award of the excellent business award, the winning prize, the excellent award, the special contribution award, the awarding unit and the individual. Ding Guichun, the general manager of the parts sales department, made a 2017 work report at the meeting. Accessories sales department deputy general manager Xu today and seven dealers "50 million gas car accessories first delivery" signing ceremony.
In the family of genuine accessories forum link, Liu Peimin representatives and distributors, owners of the three party million heroes from different angles, from the relative accessories sold, barcode logistics aspects of the implementation of scan code control, two-dimensional code can be traced back to the parts, "true, real, fast and accurate, to make precise warranty interpretation.
The meeting also held a "family accessories store experience" ceremony, plan the main city in the country, City auto parts logistics center contracted with a local family, 4S shop accessories dealers and service stations combined with the construction of a number of store experience / area, to allow customers to experience the main function of heavy truck parts and accessories of wisdom mall security check brand merchandise, etc.. There are some genuine and fake parts in the experiential shop for visitors to compare and identify, so that users can feel the difference between the real and fake parts, and put some family accessories and brand products as consumables.
China heavy steam group led by Germany, Wang Shanpo, Kong Xiangquan, Song Qidong, China heavy steam related units to participate in the meeting.