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Sinotruk 100th 000 HOWO Truck Offline In Ningxia Region On The Order Of 109 Units. Dec 22, 2017

On the day of December 13th, is a grand day, China truck 100th million HOWO truck line. To celebrate this moment of joy, China's 100 cities in the country and held "Pierre Howard million cast" - a hero to millions of witness 100th million Howard ceremony cum Howard / gaintel "departure" customer daxiehui. China Heavy Truck Sales Department of Yinchuan branch in Yinchuan, Guyuan, central, banner in four city was held at the same time daxiehui, gains of order 109.
After more than half a century of sharpening, the products of China heavy duty continuously renew their products, and always stand in the forefront of Chinese heavy cards, leading the direction of China's heavy cards. HOWO-T series products are China top heavy truck products, through strategic cooperation with the German company, China heavy duty truck in Europe and the world's most advanced technology introduction, heavy truck Chinese, have great originality to create thoroughly tempered leading technology, excellent quality of the HOWO-T system, the achievements of the industry heavy card Chinese king.
China heavy Howard products reached 1 million downline, and China's continuous research and development of new technologies, new processes, improved control of high quality, is committed to building a high reliability and high product economic philosophy is inseparable. Ningxia area 4 appreciation site while playing the Chinese truck 100th million Howard ceremony video, all the staff together to witness this moment.
It is worth mentioning that a special user, Ma Shifu, is also a member of the Yinchuan branch. This Ma Shifu is the only passenger in Ningxia area who has traveled millions of kilometers. He used the 440 HP HOWO-T7H tractor of China National Heavy Duty Truck. The million heroes and we witness Chinese's 100th million Howard ceremony, excited. Ma Shifu said, "I bought this T7H tractor in the second half of 2014, with a special comfort. It has been driving for 1 million kilometers. The engine has never been overhauled. Some small problems have been repaired in time by the service station. I approve of this car. I see today's activity site automatic car has a big discount, I am ready to order one more, I would like to endorse the Chinese heavy truck brand!