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Ma Chunji, Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of Sinotruk Dec 25, 2017

Sinotruk(8.32, 0.03, 0.36%) (03808-HK) announced that due to retirement, Ma Chunji resigned as chairman of the board of directors, the executive director of the company, chairman of the Executive Committee and chairman of the company's strategy and Investment Committee, effective December 21, 2017.
The announcement indicates that Ma Chunji is a great success in leading the company and is a good entrepreneur in the country. His leadership experience, ability is strong, conscientious, industrious, attentively led the company to first-class, the company product technology at the forefront of the world, the number of car exports for 13 consecutive years ranked first in the heavy truck industry, become the vanguard of the domestic industry, and grow as outstanding enterprises in the country and even the world influential.