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China Heavy Duty Truck Group Ji'nan Bridge Box Co., Ltd. Wins Another Award Aug 21, 2018

China Heavy Auto Group Jinan Bridge Box Co., Ltd. has won the prize again in the Shandong Regional Competition of the 2nd National Enterprise Innovation Method Competition of China Association of Science and Technology.
In this contest, the company's main reducer Zhang Hongyuan and others "MCYman differential assembly differential ring off-line special lifting gear" project, clutch Zhang Desheng and others "portable wheel bolt hydraulic non-destructive pulling and assembling tool" won the first prize; gear processing Liu Shengyong and others "two cleaning machine counting and ensuring function development and Application The project won the two prize.
In the "Speaking and Comparing" campaign in Jinan in 2017, Xin Leilei, the company's main reducer, and others "Man differential case production line automation transformation" project won the third prize. In the group's "speaking and comparing" activities in 2016-2017, Song Kewei of gear processing department and others won the first prize for the project "MAN active and passive bevel gear heat treatment and infiltration technology development"; Pang Guiqi of Technology Department and others won the second prize for two projects "solving bridge shell fracture and improving MNO bridge performance"; Yang Yuwei of bridge shell processing department and others. The "HT457 bridge shell technology development" and a total of 15 projects won three awards.