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Sinotruk Youth Talent Growth Project Demonstration Area Officially Unveiled Jan 05, 2018

Recently, the Communist Youth League in the Chinese Chongqijituan bridge box company held a "don't forget the heart to go with the party youth Jiangong new era" theme activities, activities Chinese Chongqijituan "young talents project demonstration pilot area officially inaugurated. Jia Yu, the deputy inspector of the Ji'nan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the dean of the Youth College, attended the event and attended the activities. More than 30 youth members from each post of the bridge box company participated in the activities.
China heavy automobile group "youth talent growth project demonstration area" officially unveiled
This event is closely around "not forget the early heart go with the party youth Jiangong new era theme, based on the China's youth growth as the breakthrough point to focus, the municipal Party committee" into the youth "research activities as an opportunity to organize. At the beginning of the campaign, Liu Hongming, deputy general manager of bridge box company, gave a welcome speech, thanked the leaders of the Communist Youth League Committee for coming, and asked the youth to seize the opportunity, study hard and improve their quality continuously. The Deputy Secretary of the Group Committee of the bridge box company has reported the work of the "bridge box company group committee to support the planning assisting young people to grow up." Cao Jian, deputy inspector of the Communist Youth League and Jia Yu, Dean of the Youth College, and the Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of China Heavy Duty Truck Group, unveiled the "youth youth growth project demonstration area".
At the meeting, from the bridge box company production line, technology, quality, management and other positions of outstanding members of the youth representatives enthusiastically combined with their practical work, learning to share the spirit of the party's nineteen big inspiration and harvest, and the work of the Communist Youth League proposed such as using multi frequency off-season production organization of young staff to carry out targeted training and organize team activities, to increase the quality of development of youth organizations belonging positive suggestions.
Cao Jian affirmed the speech of the youth. He said that the suggestions put forward by the youth are to promote the group League Committee to really ask for the youth, the grassroots, and the source and motivation of the reform and innovation of the work. This event is not only a summary of China Heavy Duty Truck's continuous promotion of youth talent training, but also a high spirit of the party's nineteen largest banner, and we should go all in to promote, re start and re implement it in the new era. Since, according to the Provincial Communist Youth League work arrangements and group Party deployment requirements, China Chongqijituan League in order to achieve the "theory and practice", "group to the grassroots" and "tradition to innovation" three change as the goal, efforts to build the youth grow up "virtuous ecological circle", the bridge box company League training work the young talent is particularly prominent, has accumulated valuable experience, the emergence of a large number of advanced youth youth springs a typical example "Wang Yongxue, played a good demonstration in the two level group. "The growth of young talents project demonstration pilot area, is China Chongqijituan League in a long term to promote the talent construction of the Communist Youth League", further exploration and innovation work quality and efficiency of the training of young talents, the next step will continue to deepen, the Communist Youth League group guidance support bridge box company "project demonstration pilot area for the growth of young talents" construction, summarize the young talent culture, mining, selection, incentives and other aspects of work experience, further study and explore the mode of young talents, can create a group wide promotion work in the new mode, new methods and new ideas, to build a platform, leading ideological education of youth youth learning platform youth skills to improve the platform, youth innovation practice platform, youth service platform, promote the China's Communist Youth League in youth The overall promotion of talent training.
Jia Yu gave full recognition to this event and the work of the Communist Youth League of China heavy steam. He said that in recent years, China Chongqijituan Youth League Construction and won the "54 national red flag Youth League, the national youth gang safety demonstration" and so on; at the same time, the group deputy secretary Cao Jian on the "1+100" group of cadres direct contact with the youth work experience is the central mission of the Ministry of construction for the collection of grassroots organizations in a typical case of the working group of the whole promotion, earnestly implement the unity of youth, organizing and guiding the youth, youth service duties, the group organized into trusted "youth house". At present, the Communist Youth League is in the critical stage of reform. The Communist Youth League is an important part of the Communist Youth League. The Youth League Youth League has always been a flag of the Communist Youth League of Ji'nan city. In the reform of the Communist Youth League, we should take the lead in the forefront. Jia Yu combined with the work of the Communist Youth League is actual, put forward three requirements: one is to cut arming the party's nineteen practical spirit, will have high expectations of the young generation nineteen report as the fundamental pursuit of the work, the work in the Party committee put forward the "1+454" working system, to guide practice and promote the work; two is the majority of members of the youth center to seize the main line of work and production tasks of enterprises, identify the starting point, combined with point and focal point, filled with ambition into based on job performance, the dedication into action service spirit; three is the spirit of reform to promote enterprise innovation and development of the Communist Youth League. "To explore the growth of young talents project demonstration pilot area set up, it is worth learning, hope to lead the Youth League heavy truck, new models, new exploration work The new theory and method, and don't forget the heart, remember our mission, roll up your sleeves and go, for the construction of four centers, to build a modern city with youth and strength.
In the activity, all participants relive the oath to join the league. (this article comes from China.