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The 40 Country Industry Personages Jointly Create The Opening Of The Frankfurt Exhibition Dec 04, 2017

The thirteenth Shanghai international auto parts, repair, testing, diagnostic equipment and Service Exhibition (Automechanika Shanghai), which has attracted the attention of the global automotive industry, opened in November 29, 2017. This exhibition has increased by 9%, up to 340000 square meters and 15 exhibition halls using the National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the growing growth of Asia, especially China's auto market, the number of exhibitors is more innovative this year. A total of 6051 enterprises from 40 countries and regions have gathered together, up 5% over last year. 130000 professional viewers are expected to visit the exhibition during the four day exhibition, with an increase of about 8%. From the scale, the cover coverage and the technology content, this year, Automechanika Shanghai is undoubtedly the most magnificent and the highest quality.

Industry personages of 40 countries create a new technology feast to show the new trend of industry

Massive products are competing on the same stage, showing the wind and color on the exhibition site. The majority of spectators and exhibitors will appreciate the comprehensive display from the entire automotive industry, the whole product line. The exhibits include automotive parts, electronics and systems, vehicle repair and maintenance, automotive supplies and refit, car cleaning, maintenance and renovation. At the same time, it will also present cutting-edge technologies and products in many fields, such as tires, alternative energy sources, digital operation plan and so on.

This year, a large number of well-known brand for the first time to join the exhibition, including the debut film, passion, master Flega, Fuchs, Fangxing tires, Henkel, Huayang, Kangzhong, Linglong, Michelin plus, what dimensional energy, Isuzu and Shi can lead. At the same time, many "old" exhibitors to join in the presentation of their new style, these enterprises including BOSCH, Hitachi, Gordon, suitable times, Fawer, Brembo, Delphi, Dana, automobile, magic power, Routledge, interstate batteries, super technology, snapon, Sata, Schaeffler, SAIC-GM Deco, wins card, ZF, Suonakesi, Dongfeng, Denso, Schumacher, Marilyn, NTN-SNR and RAV etc..

One of the highlights of this exhibition is undoubtedly the REIFEN tire area which was first unveiled in the West Hall. It brings together tires, wheels, rims and other related products, bringing the leading edge products and research achievements in this field. As a leading exhibition brand in the tire industry, the close cooperation between REIFEN and Automechanika reflects the close relationship between the tire products and the rear market.

The automotive industry attention to automation, digital and intelligent network is also reflected in the various fields of the industrial chain, the exhibition attracted more than 1200 exhibitors from around the world, to showcase the latest products and technology of new energy vehicles, car networking, automatic driving, vehicle safety, vehicle electronic control device, vehicle lighting, vehicle electronic device etc..

This year's show and electronic system plate and is located in the North Hall of the new energy vehicles and technology zone scale will be significantly increased, a large number of domestic and foreign leading brands, such as car electronics, Hangsheng electronics, Huayang, sophisticated electric energy, what reform, tieliu clutch and Wan An, Asia Pacific, Zhongche electromechanical era have been settled, in order to dig the automotive market for advanced electronic systems and the growing demand.

In addition to the richer exhibits, the new technology of the new energy area has been extended to batteries, battery management, charging piles and related core components. More upstream and downstream industrial chain development, covering materials, manufacturing, motor testing equipment and other diversified exhibits. The advantages of the industry university research integration platform are obvious. For example, the Suzhou Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University will show the latest research results of panoramic parking assistance system, fatigue driving warning system, lane departure assist system, driverless electric vehicle and so on.

A highly popular racing car and high performance repacking area, which is set up in No. 6.2 this year. Here, the audience will enter the racing world, participate in the interactive activities of brilliant racing cars and high performance refitted cars. We can find high quality parts for vehicle modification, share the racing culture and explore the future development of vehicle modification. A number of industries in the leading brand full scene, including the first appearance in Shanghai Ford GTE and 0-400 included in the Mustang Shelby meters to accelerate the world record Nissan GTR. In addition, Mr. Rao, the pre competition champion of the TCSA Asian touring car, will also share his personal racing experience with the audience.

The number of overseas exhibitors has risen more internationally in a continued year

In 2017 Automechanika Shanghai Pavilion ushered in a total of 19 countries and regions gathered in a whole number of overseas exhibitors than last year growth of 14%, thus the success of the exhibition on the history of the highest degree of internationalization. It is worth mentioning is the debut of the Arabia Emirates exhibition group, reflecting on the Middle East market attractive exhibition.

Equally remarkable is the expansion of the scale of 44% of the German Pavilion, a collection of many brands including OSRAM, Proffi, with excellent cost ratio, AMBOSS, Georg, Oest, and MEYLE. Korea Pavilion this year also collaborative universities and research institutions, as well as the well-known representatives of enterprises including DH Lighting, EAGLEYE & EAGLITE, Samsung Brake have appeared. In addition, other international pavilions were from Pakistan, Poland, Russia, France, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Britain, Taiwan and Hongkong Chinese China.

149 domestic and foreign professional spectator groups will come to this year's exhibition site successively, with an increase of 15% compared with the previous year. These audience groups from 20 countries and regions in China and abroad will lead a large number of professional viewers to search for the forefront of innovative products in the industry. The quality of the audience network is also reflected in the preferred buyers club, preferred buyers club for car manufacturers, distributors, repair shop, chain store, original equipment manufacturers and tier one suppliers in areas such as high level buyers specially set up tour service plan. The internationalization of the exhibition promotion has thus been expressed: a total of 276 overseas professional buyers invited to participate in this exclusive plan this year, the number increased 35% compared with last year.

The Chinese Limited by Share Ltd international cooperation machinery deputy general manager Mr. Cheng Yongshun said: "the exhibition scale upgrade, increase in the number of overseas exhibitors, the Chinese reaction auto market attractiveness and potential, at the same time it also gives Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprises. The current market environment, supply and demand situation, industrial policy and business mode encourage participants to innovate and enter the new era with the automotive industry.

New ideas for the development of the automobile industry hot - focusing events

The 57 conferences and forum activities will be held during the Automechanika Shanghai exhibition this year, covering a number of different industries. The industry highly anticipated smart car network of the Shanghai summit will study on how to lead the field of automatic driving the development of science and technology, challenges, application, standardization and industry in the future road. AIAG automotive procurement summit and suppliers summit, inviting the world's leading vehicle business procurement leaders to discuss the automotive industry procurement strategy and their supply chain development trend in Asia and China. The cooperation with China held China Automotive Electronic Chamber of commerce technology transformation and Investment Summit is the development trend of the automotive industry, focusing on the electric, automation, intelligent, network integration, and focus on these areas of research achievements of science and technology commercialization program.

The third Chinese automobile enterprises to strategic forum is committed to build out, between domestic and foreign government departments, enterprises, industry organizations and other relevant units of the communication platform, share Belt and Road Initiative initiative under the automobile industry communication strategy. Automotive repair and maintenance of plate Chinese accident car industry forum, the Chinese auto repair industry association working committee jointly organized the accident car repair, focus on car accident insurance and financial industry, the maintenance of new technology, training and education, in order to promote industrial development and cooperation. 2017, the Application Forum of advanced composite materials on new energy vehicles will start from a technical perspective and look at the future application of the industry.

New form news conference to invite the leading enterprises to share the opinion of the industry

In 2017, Automechanika Shanghai held a press conference at the National Convention and Exhibition Central Continental Hotel the day before it was launched, that is, November 28th. Ms. Zhou Shaolan, deputy general manager of Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. introduced the comprehensive situation of this exhibition in detail, and invited representatives from many enterprises to show their innovative products, and expounded their opinions on the development trend of the mainstream industry.

Organizers of the Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhou Shaolan said: "this year we both in the exhibition scale or show content has made great breakthrough, it is show in the history of landmark achievements. This makes us more enthusiastic to meet the entire auto industry again on the exhibition platform. At the same time, it will also be with a number of industry innovation pioneers, hand in hand to display the high quality products and technology behind the expansion of scale.

On behalf of enterprises attended the exhibition press conference: pallan Technology (Chinese), Delphi (USA), GM (Chinese), Huayang huirun (China), Ma Ruili electric (Italy) and Schaeffler (Germany).