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Xiangquan Kong Field Research Truck Company Of Heavy Steam Group Dec 06, 2017

In November 22nd, Kong Xiangquan, executive director and chief financial officer of China Heavy Duty Truck (Hongkong), headed the finance department and finance company, and went deep into Truck Company to understand the completion of 2017.
Research on financial reporting system of Truck Company director Wang Difei 2017 financial work to improve the results, and in 2018 the company plans to focus on financial work. Kong Xiangquan made a full affirmation of Truck Company's financial work in 2017, and gave guidance for 2018's work from aspects of system construction, risk prevention, comprehensive budget management and price management. Kong Xiangquan stressed that "2017 is a good harvest year for China Heavy Duty Truck Group, which is closely related to the adjustment of product structure of every group and the joint efforts and lots of work of all financial institutions.
Kong Xiangquan encouraged the Truck Company's financial system in 2018 to continue to improve the system construction, with effective risk prevention meticulous management; to continue to pay attention to the market, establish the price linkage mechanism closely related to the market; to continue to carry out on-site service work idea, with the help of M business model continued to strengthen staff awareness of cost, reduce ineffective waste and improve the overall occupation; skills of financial personnel, to create a continuous learning innovation ability, and strive to achieve the continuous transformation of lean management accounting to upgrade!
Han Wenjie, general manager of China heavy steam Finance Co., Ltd., and so on.