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Heavy Truck

  • HOWO 6×4 Used Dump Trucks

    HOWO 6×4 Used Dump Trucks

    The used tipper trucks will be deal with full maintenance before delivery. The performance is the same as a new truck,but higher cost-efficiency.Dump truck often work in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery in civil engineering...

  • Used Howo Tractor Trailer Truck

    Used Howo Tractor Trailer Truck

    company is specializing in exporting for used trucks,truck parts and so is popular in the international market benefited from the management idea insisted all the time" Business Integrity, Quality Guarantee, Quality Guarantee". Satisfying every cooperative customer...

  • XCS45 Pick And Carry Container Crane

    XCS45 Pick And Carry Container Crane

    The container front crane consists of three parts: engineering machinery chassis, telescopic boom, container spreader, etc. The chassis has the engine, power shift transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering system, cab, frame, counterweight, wheels, etc. Parts; telescopic...

  • Disinfect Spray Tanker Truck

    Disinfect Spray Tanker Truck

    Disinfect spray truck, environmental protection dust removal sprayer adopts international advanced spraying gravity dust reduction technology. The water is atomized into particles the size of dust by high pressure. Under the action of the fan, the water spray is sprayed into...

  • Fuel Tank Trailer

    Fuel Tank Trailer

    Fuel tank trailer are divided into fuel trucks and fuel trucks. The vehicle chassis is equipped with tanks and oil drain pipes to form fuel trucks. On the basis of fuel trucks, a pump system is installed to form a fuel truck.

  • HOWO Oil Tank Truck

    HOWO Oil Tank Truck

    Oil tank truck also known as mobile refueling truck, computer tax controlled refueling truck, oil guide tank truck, oil loading truck, oil transport truck, oil truck, oil transport truck, mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline,...

  • HOWO 6x4 Stock Tractor Truck

    HOWO 6x4 Stock Tractor Truck

    Please check the pictures below, we have one unit HOWO 6x4 stock tractor truck, with 371 horsepower, right hand drive midel. We sell it for a very low price now, and its price is usd6,000 cheaper than the new truck. It will be sold soon, so please let me know if you are...

  • Howo Concrete Mixer Trucks

    Howo Concrete Mixer Trucks

    Howo concrete mixer trucks is composed of a second-class automobile chassis and a special device for concrete mixing and transportation. It is used to transport concrete tank-type special-purpose transportation vehicles.

  • 6x4 25ton Wrecker Truck

    6x4 25ton Wrecker Truck

    The chassis is equipped with a high-power engine, which makes the vehicle more powerful; the use of advanced deceleration load-bearing bridges has stronger bearing capacity and better passability. The maximum lifting weight and maximum lifting height of the bodywork have been...

  • Sinotruck Howo 6X4 Road Water Sprinkler Truck

    Sinotruck Howo 6X4 Road Water Sprinkler Truck

    The sprinkler truck is also called a spray truck, a multifunctional sprinkler, a garden sprinkler, a water tanker, and a water truck. The sprinkler is suitable for various road washing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, roads, factories and mining enterprises construction...

  • Compaction Garbage Trucks

    Compaction Garbage Trucks

    Compaction garbage trucks consists of a sealed garbage bin, a hydraulic system, and an operating system. The whole vehicle is fully sealed, and the sewage in the process of self-compression, self-dumping, and compression all enters the sewage tank, which completely solves the...

  • HOWO 8x4 Bulk Cement Truck

    HOWO 8x4 Bulk Cement Truck

    Tank structure by the head of the bulk truck, variable cross-section tanks and main composition of tank, the main tanks of the two parts are semicircle, middle with period of connection, and head junction with variable cross-section, the fluidization system structure and the...

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