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Light Truck

  • Light Side Drop Dump Truck

    Light Side Drop Dump Truck

    Dump truck refers to a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also called dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device.Dump trucks often work with construction machinery such...

  • 5 ton Fresh Milk Transport Truck

    5 ton Fresh Milk Transport Truck

    Milk transport truck is also called fresh milk transport truck, milk tank truck, liquid food transport truck. The tank body is made of food-grade stainless steel plate. The outside of the tank body needs to be used as a heat insulation layer to prevent the fresh milk from...

  • 5CBM Used Suction Sewage Truck

    5CBM Used Suction Sewage Truck

    The sewage suction pump commonly used in the sewage suction truck is a water circulation vacuum pump. This form has the advantages of low cost, large suction power, and long-term operation.

  • HOWO 3CBM Mixer Truck

    HOWO 3CBM Mixer Truck

    HOWO light duty 3 CBM mixer truck description: Engine advantage: engine authentic Euro III emission standard, engine power is strong, upgrade faster More fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution-free! Gearbox advantages: 6-speed gearbox, high load, fast...

  • HOWO Road Water Truck

    HOWO Road Water Truck

    Light water tanker truck use river ditch, pond as water, pay attention to the end of the suction pipe all submerged in the water.In order to avoid the inhalation of stones or more sand, floating sundries, suction pipe end is generally equipped with a filter device, when water...

  • Foton 5CBM Disinfection Truck

    Foton 5CBM Disinfection Truck

    This epidemic prevention and disinfection vehicle has high working efficiency, wide application range, fast spray speed, spraying while walking, and can remotely adjust the spray pitching angle and horizontal rotation angle. It has strong penetrating power and adhesion to the...

  • 4x2 Aerial Work Truck

    4x2 Aerial Work Truck

    The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength manganese steel concrete tube. Equipped with safety protection device to prevent overload of the lifting platform. Equipped with safety protection valve to prevent hydraulic pipeline from rupturing. Equipped with emergency...

  • Howo 4x2 Stake Cargo Truck

    Howo 4x2 Stake Cargo Truck

    Stake truck is a type of truck, which is mainly used for sluice-type special cargo transportation. At the same time the appearance of the rear compartment pursues beautiful design, the internal structure and the selection of high-quality steel for the compartment. All are...

  • Howo T7H 4x2 Van Truck

    Howo T7H 4x2 Van Truck

    Optional vans: rear door, left and right door, fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, warehouse grille. It has the advantages of flexible maneuvering, convenient operation, efficient work, large transportation volume, full use of space, safety and reliability. It is widely applicable...

  • Sinotruk CDW 4x2 Dump Truck

    Sinotruk CDW 4x2 Dump Truck

    China Truck International Ltd is one of the main exporters of Chinese trucks which is authorized by Ministry of Commerce Staff of our company can provide the trucks meeting the requirement of customers at the best price. We have many years of experience in exporting trucks....

  • Light 4x2 Dump Truck

    Light 4x2 Dump Truck

    The light duty dump truck has the characteristics of light weight, economical and practical, high strength, etc., which is especially suitable for the transportation of large capacity coal, sand and stone materials in efficient highway.It has three advantages: lighter weight,...

  • Car Wrecker Truck

    Car Wrecker Truck

    Flat wreckers are mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and emergency rescue.

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