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  • HOWO Road Water Truck

    HOWO Road Water Truck

    Light water tanker truck use river ditch, pond as water, pay attention to the end of the suction pipe all submerged in the water.In order to avoid the inhalation of stones or more sand, floating sundries, suction pipe end is generally equipped with a filter device, when water...

  • Foton 5CBM Disinfection Truck

    Foton 5CBM Disinfection Truck

    This epidemic prevention and disinfection vehicle has high working efficiency, wide application range, fast spray speed, spraying while walking, and can remotely adjust the spray pitching angle and horizontal rotation angle. It has strong penetrating power and adhesion to the...

  • Dust Suppression Vehicle Sprinkler Truck

    Dust Suppression Vehicle Sprinkler Truck

    The dust suppression vehicle is a special vehicle that suppresses dust pollution by spraying a dust suppressing agent and the like. Mainly serving roads, railways and other places with high dust. In terms of construction, the dust suppression vehicle is mainly composed of a...

  • HOWO Water Sprinkler Truck

    HOWO Water Sprinkler Truck

    Water sprinkler truck is also known as spraying truck, multi-function sprinkler truck, landscape sprinkler truck, tanker truck, water truck.Water sprinkler truck suitable for all kinds of road washing, trees, green belt, lawn greening, road, mining enterprises construction...

  • HOWO Sprinkler Truck

    HOWO Sprinkler Truck

    The HOWO Sprinkler Truck is an upgraded product based on the sprinkler. It is a multi-functional vehicle that combines greening, watering, spraying, insecticide and emergency fire fighting. It is a multi-purpose vehicle, also known as a green sprinkler. Names such as...

  • HOWO 90HP 4 Tons Road Water Sprinkler Truck

    HOWO 90HP 4 Tons Road Water Sprinkler Truck

    Our company mainly manufacturing the dump truck, concrete pump truck, fuel tank truck, water tank truck, compression garbage truck, sewage suction truck, sprinkling car, powder material truck, municipal engineering vehicles, semi-trailers, new energy automobile, products are...

  • HOWO RHD 4x2 10,000 Liters Water Broswer Truck

    HOWO RHD 4x2 10,000 Liters Water Broswer Truck


  • CDW G777 9.5m3 Spray Truck Street Cleanout Sprinkler

    CDW G777 9.5m3 Spray Truck Street Cleanout Sprinkler

    Product Description 6-10cbm water tank truck, water tanker, water truck, sprinkler, brand water pump, water sprinkler 1. Stainless steel tanker truck, HOWO chassis 266HP; 2. SINOTRUK brand, well-done after-service; 3. Well-designed structure. 1.CDW G7 7 7 9.5m3 Sprinkler...