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Engineering Machinery

  • Used SHANTUI Bulldozer

    Used SHANTUI Bulldozer

    Bulldozer is one of the main earth-moving engineering machinery, which can be divided into two types according to the walking mode: crawler type and wheel type.This paper mainly describes the structure and working principle of crawler bulldozer.The basic operation of...

  • Sany PQ160 Grader

    Sany PQ160 Grader

    Graders are the main machinery used in shaping and leveling operations in earthworks, and are widely used in road and airport large-scale ground leveling operations. The reason why the grader has a wide range of auxiliary operations is that its scraper can complete 6 degrees...

  • 25tons QY25K5-I Truck Crane

    25tons QY25K5-I Truck Crane

    XCMG QY25K5-I truck crane fully integrates advanced design and manufacturing technology at home and abroad, and many proprietary core technologies have obtained national patents. Among them, large-scale equipment such as blast furnaces and coke ovens are becoming more and...

  • ZL50GN Wheel Loader

    ZL50GN Wheel Loader

    ZL50GN wheel loader is the latest product developed by XCMG based on ZL50G, the most outstanding representative of the third generation of loaders in China. While maintaining high-end, heavy-duty, and energy-saving features, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, cooling...

  • Used Shantui SR22M Vibroll

    Used Shantui SR22M Vibroll

    Shantui SR22M vibratory roller is a super heavy-duty self-propelled vibratory roller. It uses its own weight and excitation force to compact various building and road construction materials during operation. The compaction effect is good, the impact depth is large, and the...

  • XCS45 Reach Stackers Crane

    XCS45 Reach Stackers Crane

    XCS45U reach stackers Crane is the representative of XCMG Port Machinery, which has extremely high technological and environmental protection requirements.

  • Used LG6210E 0.85CBM Excavator

    Used LG6210E 0.85CBM Excavator

    More uptime · Simplified ground service design means more uptime. · Easy-to-access centralized lubrication points. · Easy to learn, easy to operate, and easy to get more done. Higher quality · The reinforced chassis structure can withstand daily use.

  • Liugong 855 Type Wheel Loader

    Liugong 855 Type Wheel Loader

    The advantage of Liugong loader's long distance is that it is more stable than the dual-arm truck, and it is not easy to lift the tail when shoveling heavy materials.

  • Used Volkswagen SUV Car

    Used Volkswagen SUV Car

    Used Volkswagen/Jinbei/HYUNDAI SUV Car All car are in good condition,and great price

  • Used Shantui SD16L Bulldozer

    Used Shantui SD16L Bulldozer

    Bulldozer is an earthmoving machine capable of excavating, transporting and abandoning rock and soil.It has a wide range of uses in open-pit mines.

  • Used 3/5 Tones HELI Forklift

    Used 3/5 Tones HELI Forklift

    Used 3/5 tones HELI Forklift The leading products of Heli forklifts are "Heli, HELI" brand forklifts. More than 1,700 models and 512 products produced online have independent intellectual property rights, and their comprehensive performance is at the domestic and...

  • Used XCMG 70tons Truck Crane

    Used XCMG 70tons Truck Crane

    Used XCMG 70tons truck crane. The industry's first low-speed high-torque power system, taking into account the low-speed climbing performance and high-speed transition performance of the vehicle, the maximum driving speed of 90km / h, the industry's leading power performance.

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